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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 2nd February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: The Episode begins with Sneha let Anupriya know that she will reclaim the case. Anupriya says such man will be rebuffed. Sneha says he did nothing with me. Anupriya inquires as to for what reason did you fault him? Sneha says she got loads of cash for doing this. Kalyani as Sheik emerges from Sneha’s home and hits on Sampada’s head and secures her in the vehicle. She then, at that point, eliminates her phony facial hair. Sampada is stunned and blacks out. Sneha tells that the rich man give her the cash. Anupriya asks who was that fellow and gets up from couch.

Sneha pulls her scarf and sees Anupriya, perceives seeing her. She pulls her mustache and says you are Kalyani’s Aai. Anupriya says OK and pushes her. Sneha gets up and bangs Anupriya’s hand on the divider and damages her. She hits on her stomach and damages her. She crushes the telephone with her legs and ties her. She says you needed to trap me and says it is quite difficult. Anupriya gets out whatever you did with Malhar is off-base. Sneha takes the versatile and is going to erase the video. Kalyani comes there and is stunned, calls Anupriya.

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Atharv lets Malhar know that he isn’t even Constable now and says I can bear every one of the costs of your home. Rao comes and provides Malhar’s suspension request. Magistrate tells that your stars and decorations will be grabbed and you will be taken to Pune for enquiry. Sneha undermines Kalyani to kill Anupriya and is going to erase the video, however the telephone gets off. She requests that she toss the charger. Kalyani tosses the charger. Sneha says you can’t save your significant other, he will go to prison. Atharv requests that Rao stop and says I will record the video so that Malhar’s child know the way in which his regard got destroyed. Rao takes out his stars.

Atharv records the video and tells that Kalyani’s quick is squandered. She ought to have been here, and gets glad and grins. Rao takes out his decorations and belts. Kalyani gets hold of Sneha and beats her. She inquires as to whether she at any point thought how the ladies feel who becomes casualty. Sneha gets up and hits Kalyani while she attempts to send the video to Commissioner and Malhar. Kalyani requests that Anupriya press send button with her foot. Rao lets Malhar know that he can’t make him wear bind. Atharv says I will do the distinctions. Malhar requests that he ease off else he will beat him. Atharv eases off. Malhar requests that Rao make him wear bind. Sneha attempts to compromise Anupriya and damages Kalyani, inquiring as to whether she attempts to press the button then she will kill her.

My Heart Knows update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Rao and Pawar remove Malhar from the Police station, to go to Pune. Individuals accumulate there and tells that such cop will be pounded into the ground. Anupriya attempts to press the send button. Sneha leaves Kalyani and erases the video from the telephone. She asks what you will do now, I have erased the video. Rao gets video of Sneha admitting to her wrongdoing. Atharv gets stunned. Kalyani and Anupriya cry. Sneha sits on couch snickers. Kalyani sees that the video is sent and lets Anupriya know that she has sent the video before Sneha erased it. Sneha gets stunned and runs from that point. Kalyani embraces Anupriya and says I love you Aai.

We have made it happen. They have a passionate embrace. Kalyani says now Malhar won’t go to prison. She says Sneha ran off. Anupriya says let her go, presently we have the evidence. She says now the allegation will be cleared. Rao lets Malhar know that the video message came from Kalyani’s telephone, it implies she made Sneha admitted to the wrongdoing. Malhar reviews kalyani telling that she has confidence on her quick and Bappa will demonstrate his honesty before 5 pm. Atharv expresses out loud whatever a craftiness young lady, Sneha is and inquires as to why he was quiet till now? Magistrate asks Malhar for what reason he was quiet.

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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Kalyani calls Anupriya. Anupriya says malhar is occupied to get Godaveri’s pics from Atharv, and says Rao said that he is occupied. Kalyani says he would have send a thankyou message or a smilie atleast. Anupriya says you accomplished a major work, however turns into a little child. Kalyani embraces her truism Aai. Anupriya says I never imagined that I will get the joy of a caring little girl and requests that she get back home. Kalyani requests that she go and says I need to see Sampada. Pawar lets Malhar know that he gave the news to Kalyani about his opportunity and murmurs that Sneha absconded. Malhar chuckles and tells Atharv that Sneha is in his authority.

Sampada tells Kalyani that Malhar wedded you as Moksh required Aaya Bai, and says his genuine mum has returned. Kalyani says Billu will be with me till my final gasp. Sampada pours wine on her garments and is going to consume her.



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