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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 8th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 8th February 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani saying ‘sorry’ to Anupriya. Anupriya slapped Kalyani and damages her hand and holds it against the light. Kalyani requests that she move her hand and cries. Anupriya says she would rather not be essential for the program as her way of life as that man’s significant other were rarely obvious. She says he was never mine. Kalyani understands that her Aai is desolate. Anupriya goes to her room. Kalyani comes to her. Anupriya apologizes to her. Kalyani says you can beat me as you are my Aai and says don’t have the foggiest idea why I needed you to do the rasam. Anupriya requests that she leave her. Kalyani says never and requests that she take out all outrage from inside. Anupriya asks would you be able to see my dread? Then, at that point, stand by. She takes Atul and Madhuri’s pic and says at whatever point I feel this pic, my 18 years of age wounds gets new and I feel as though they are ridiculing me. She says she feels a lot of aggravation and asks would you like to know. She takes the sledge and says I feel the aggravation of hitting hammer on my chest and is going to hit on her chest, however Kalyani stops her. Anupriya says they ought to have been rebuffed, they have grabbed me and given me dejection and agony. Kalyani and Anupriya cry. Anupriya is going to hit the pic with the mallet, yet quits saying she can’t hurt anybody. She says this isn’t simply outrage, however the fountain of contempt. She says I don’t need this spring of gushing lava to contact you and says I realize you cherishes me a ton, yet you can’t end my dejection. She makes her go and cries. Kalyani cries sticking out. Anupriya takes a gander at their pic.

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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 8th February 2022″: Malhar sees Kalyani crying and gives her hanky. Kalyani says she don’t need and sees him. She slams into him and says sorry. She impacts her head with his head deliberately and says sorry. He asks what occurred and holds her tear. Kalyani cries and tells him all that Sampada offended and embarrassed Anupriya gravely. She says Aai got tears in her eyes in view of her. Malhar says you are not to blame. Kalyani says my Papa and Madhuri are at real fault for Aai. Malhar says when Sampada left me, then, at that point, I had two motivations to live, one is Moksh and other is… Kalyani says me..Malhar says contempt for you. He says Maayi took her resentment out on you today which she never did, and inquires as to why? Kalyani says no. Malhar says Maayi views you as her own and says one necessities somebody to move away from the aggravation, very much like I have you with me. Kalyani looks on. Malhar comes to Anupriya and attempts to give her tissue. He inquires as to whether both mum and girl are having hatred with cloth. He says I feel furious on her silliness, yet her one thing contacts his heart and says she cherishes you with magnanimously and can’t bear tears in your eyes. He keeps hand scarf there and leaves. Anupriya takes his cloth and wipes her tears.

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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 8th February 2022: Sampada lets Atharv know that she got offended in her haldi and kumkum’s rasam and says she won’t leave Kalyani. Atharv requests that she sit on bed and requests that she leave the old propensities. He says they are presently rich. He says you will be glad that today Anupriya got offended and Kalyani was slapped. Aao Saheb comes there to get her cash kept in the Almira. Atharv takes cash from her hand and requests that Sampada count. Sampada counts and says it is 5500. Atharv says you have taken 500 Rs from us. Aao Saheb becomes furious and tosses cash all over requesting that he become some more rich. She lets him know that occasions will change soon and tells about Anupriya’s arrangement to show their sarees in school display. Atharv gets a thought. Anupriya figures Kalyani will be furious with her now. Kalyani figures don’t know until when Aai will be furious on her. She ties her pic on the rice pack and hangs it, and requests that Anupriya hit on it to take out outrage on her. She says you can beat me, yet don’t smack all over as Malhar will know. Anupriya expresses out loud whatever are you saying and says I was coming to you to apologize to you. kalyani says I should say sorry. They contend. Kalyani says alright, no one will say sorry and requests that she give her an embrace. Anupriya embraces her.

Precap: Atharv and Sampada come to the school as the central visitor for the show. He tells that he will purchase all sarees for pocha and hits his leg with the sarees. Kalyani and Anupriya are stunned.


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