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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 1st February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 1st February 2022: The Episode begins with Malhar let Rahul know that he won’t go to prison alone, however with him. Rahul says I don’t have pics, and expresses out loud whatever wrongdoing he will charged on him. Malhar says Godaveri will let Police know that you attempted to take the trimmings when she was going. Rahul says you don’t have those pics and anything can occur with it. Godaveri asks Malhar not to assume up the enormous fault to save her. Malhar says no one will realize that I will imprison for those pics and says no one will in all actuality do with the exception of us. Anupriya hears them and cries. Kalyani does aarti and ask in the sanctuary.

Aao Saheb and different enthusiasts are applauding. Kalyani yells Ganapati Bappa Moriya… Malhar pushes Rahul. Anupriya thinks Malhar has done this to save Godaveri and remembers to illuminate Kalyani. She thanks the God. Kalyani requests that Bappa accomplish something and prevent the honest man from getting rebuffed. She requests that he accomplish something. All at once a weighty breeze comes and a paper falls all over. Kalyani sees Sneha’s pic in it and says she is a model and not his secretary. She calls Anupriya and tells her. Anupriya tells her beginning and end. Kalyani says Atharv has employed Sneha to trap Malhar in bogus case. Anupriya says you have only 1 hour to save him else he will be captured. Kalyani comes to sanctuary and thanks the God.

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Malhar lets Pawar know that he must be quiet to save Godaveri’s regard. He tells Pawar that Rahul will not be out. Pawar requests that he call the Commissioner and illuminate him. Malhar says I can’t tell. Rao says then he will be captured. Kalyani comes to meet Anupriya and gets some information about Godaveri. Anupriya says Malhar captured Rahul and took Godaveri to take her proclamation.

She tells that she got Sneha’s number, approaching the number in the Advertisment. Rao says only 35 mins left. Malhar tells that he is cuff till he gets Godaveri’s pics. He tells that the work is troublesome, however they need to do this. Atharv and Sampada are in the vehicle. Sampada tells that she is terrified and tells Malhar probably won’t go to prison because of the quick. Atharv says Malhar will go to prison.

Kalyani and Anupriya take clothing of Sheik and are going to Sneha’s home. She lets Anupriya know that they got the clothing from her companion. She inquires as to whether she recalled what they need to do. Anupriya says they will tell that they need to take Sneha to do Advertisement in Dubai. Malhar calls Atharv and says he has captured Rahul and he acknowledged his wrongdoing.

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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 1st February 2022: Sampada becomes stressed. Atharv says Malhar will do nothing being stressed of Godaveri. He requests that she handle Sneha and take her elsewhere from her home. Aao Saheb lets Pallavi know that where could Anupriya be? Anupriya sees Aao Saheb and signs Kalyani. Kalyani behaves like sheik and tells that they can’t get any auto. Aao Saheb says they are rich, yet why they are sitting tight for auto. Pallavi presents herself. Kalyani says we don’t converse with Poor individuals. Aao Saheb stops the auto. Kalyani and Anupriya sit in it and leave.

Atharv comes to Police station and calls Malhar as constable. Malhar says I realized that you will come here to save Rahul. Atharv eats desserts and says I like it. He asks how treat believe that you will contact me by getting Rahul. He says do anything you desire, you really want Sneha’s articulation to get saved and asks how you will get it. He undermines Malhar and says Godaveri’s pics are still with me..

Malhar says you are not human, but rather a villain. You are playing with your niece’s regard to overcome me. Atharv says my life’s point is to turn the finger to take out the ghee. He takes selfie with malhar and tells that I am extremely energized reasoning you will go to prison, and won’t get Sneha’s articulation.

Kalyani and Anupriya come to Sneha’s home. They let them know that they need to recruit her to do Advertisment for their Product. Sneha gets glad and asks would I be able to ask you an inquiry. Kalyani asks do you need how our hindi is great, and tells that they saw every hindi film. Sneha asks how your voice is couch as you are a man. Anupriya hacks. Kalyani says we came to lit up your karma and you are addressing us.

She asks would you like to come to Dubai. Sneha says I can come for work. Kalyani claims to chat on telephone and explains to Sneha why you didn’t tell us before that a Police official played with your regard. She asks Anupriya/Osman bhai to come. Sneha says I will take the case back.

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 1st February 2022: Atharv tells malhar that he will perceive the way he emerges from the case. Magistrate comes there. Atharv says I requested that he employ attorney, yet he rejected. Magistrate says you have even 5 mins till you get your suspension mail and asks him again assuming that he attacked Sneha. Kalyani hears the vehicle sound and tells Anupriya not to respond, and tells that somebody came, so she will proceed to deal with him/her. Sneha lets Anupriya know that she will take the case back. Anupriya asks how might you let the molester go free who played with your regard, he should be rebuffed. Sneha says this is all lie, ACP did nothing with me, I denounced him wrongly, he is honest.

Malhar gets captured and his stars are grabbed from him. Sneha looks into Anupriya and Kalyani and erase the video. Kalyani cries. Malhar is taken by the Police.


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