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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022: The Episode begins with Anupriya crying severely and requesting that Kalyani go from that point. Kalyani says until you stay inside, I won’t go from here. She cries. Anupriya cries seriously. The two of them cry. Tragic melody plays… .Kalyani asks God what is he doing there and says her mummy and father did a slip-up, however you also did the error, and asks how my Aai treated you. She requests that God amend his slip-up and show her some way, so she can acquire bliss her Aai’s life once more. She blacks out. Malhar takes her in his arms and take her to house. Anupriya remembers to accomplish something. Later kalyani gains cognizance and gets some information about Aai. Malhar tells that Aai emerged from house long back. Kalyani calls her and asks where could she be? Aao Saheb says don’t have the foggiest idea where she went. Kalyani looks for her telephone. Anupriya purchases something from a shop and says my family won’t confront any awful standing at this point. She remembers to meet kalyani once. Kalyani calls her. They meet one another. Kalyani says I am stressed over you. I was unable to save you.

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Anupriya says my joy reason is you and asks her never to lose trust in future. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason are you saying this, you will be with me generally. She embraces her. Aao Saheb inquires as to whether Anupriya came. Pallavi says she came and start conversing with Kalyani. Atharv pushes the swing towards Aao Saheb. Pallavi holds her. Atharv says this is my swing and I prefer not to settle down anyplace. He tells that he will cut all fans association. Pallavi says how we will rest without fans. Atharv says dasis used to utilize hand fan for Maharaja. Aao Saheb says you will tumble down soon and I won’t twist down infront of you. She says she will get the fans fixed. Atharv says he will get the association separated. Pallavi gives hand fan to Aao Saheb. She turns it for Atharv while he have the food. Aao Saheb is weepy eyes. Atharv wipes his hand with her saree pallu. Pallavi grins. Atharv requests that she keep turning the fan. Kalyani and Anupriya come there and is stunned. He inquires as to whether Kalyani encouraged her how to kiss as she kissed him two times. Anupriya requests that Kalyani go to room.

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My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022: Anupriya requests that Aao Saheb give the hand fan and says she will pivot the fan. Malhar requests that Kalyani cause Atharv to have some air and something different. He murmurs something in her ears. Atharv says how she will feel when the report about her become famous online. He requests that she pivot the fan. Kalyani wears cover and signs Anupriya and Aao Saheb. She makes stew powder fall on Atharv. Atharv yells Sampada’s name. Sampada says I can’t come there due to bean stew powder. Kalyani says mohabbat hai mirchi… Atharv yells Kalyani Rane. Kalyani requests that he reconsider prior to doing such things against her Aai and requests that he go else..Sampada takes Atharv from that point. Pallavi becomes disturbed. Atharv cleans up. Sampada says it is great that your eyes are fine, else my life would have be demolished making you go across the street. Atharv becomes irate and says one needs to feel the aggravation for adoration. Sampada says I can do anything for my affection. Atharv asks truly and applies mirchi powder in her eye. Sampada yells. Atharv says I realize Kalyani can bear the aggravation for malhar and you need to bear the aggravation for me. kalyani grins.

Precap: Anupriya attempts to end it all. Kalyani is stunned.


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