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My Heart Knows update Thursday 3rd February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Thursday 3rd February 2022: The Episode begins with Malhar let Atharv know that in the event that he doesn’t erase those pics then he will send him to imprison. He says you will be imprisoned for causing Sneha to do such modest wrongdoing and for playing with Godaveri’s regard. Atharv says you don’t be familiar with my contacts and says I can get you suspended. Malhar slaps him and says I was quiet as I was concerned for Godaveri’s regard. He says on the off chance that you don’t erase the pics then my constables will beat you severely. He takes out his coin and says lets see what is in your predetermination. He says it is possible that you will erase the pics, or I will kill you. Atharv says I will erase the pics and erases it. Malhar takes his telephone and tosses in dustbin. He says I genuinely want to believe that you can bear the cost of another 1 lakh rs telephone and requests that he be appreciative that Sneha absconded, else he would have been in prison. He says I misled you. Atharv is stunned. Malhar slaps him hard and requests that he get out.

Anupriya tells Pallavi that Atharv extorted malhar utilizing Godaveri’s transformed pics. Pallavi says this is off-base and says you individuals are envious of my sibling’s lavishness. Aao Saheb says your sibling is modest. Pallavi says Kalyani is the foundation of all issues and says this is occurring a direct result of her. Anupriya is going to slap her, however Aao Saheb stops her. Aparna likewise faults Kalyani. Anupriya says you don’t see her integrity and says they have the rooftop due to kalyani. Aao Saheb tells that Godaveri is having terrible impact on account of Kalyani and requests Vivek to make game plans from inn for her.

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My Heart Knows update Thursday 3rd February 2022: Sampada acquires awareness and thinks where I am? Kalyani says I brought you here. She says I have a stunning news for you. Sampada inquires as to for what reason did you go to Sneha’s home. Kalyani shows the video. Sampada attempts to get the versatile. Kalyani says she has sent the video as of now. She requests that she disappear from Malhar and Billu’s life else… .Sampada says Malhar wedded you as he really wants Aaya Bai for his child. She says now her Aai came and will take him. Kalyani says my child will remain with me till my final gasp. Sampada inquires as to whether she needs to take final gasp, and takes out wine container and tosses on her. She lights the lighter. Atharv lets Pallavi know that he sat idle and requests that she kill him.

Pallavi says I trust you completely and I realize they are accusing you wrongly. She asks him not to take strain. Atharv inquires as to whether she is feeling great to denounce him and says individuals won’t confide in the word Maayi. Anupriya says you can trick your sister, however not the God. Atharv says I saw Godaveri growing up infront of me. Aao Saheb requests that he avoid Anupriya. Kalyani embraces Sampada and says I will kick the bucket with my sister. She requests that she light the lighter. Sampada gets terrified. Kalyani pushes her and says it is an awful wine smell. Sampada says she will go to court. Kalyani gets out whatever you will tell to court, that you will continue to change Partners. She requests that she think about her connection with Atharv,before passing judgment on Malhar and her connection.

Pallavi admonishes Anupriya. Anupriya says how to make you comprehend. Aao Saheb says your sibling can do this. She says no one will contend with me, Godaveri will go to lodging. Sampada comes there and tells that she needs to keep haldi and kumkum rasam to demonstrate that she is hitched to Atharv. She requests that Aparna welcome everybody, and says all of you are far fetched with regards to Atharv and my connection, however presently the water flies right by me. She says you was believing me to be his rakhni, however I am his significant other and says in the event that they don’t go to the capacity then she will show them out of house. Aao Saheb asks why should you arrange us? Sampada says I am the proprietor of the house and says they can’t remain at home on the off chance that they don’t come. She says I have given verification of my connection and presently no one can isolate Moksh with me.

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Atharv goes to room. Sampada tells that she has no alternate way other than this, she really wants to answer Kalyani. Atharv says let individuals talk and insult. Sampada says I care about their insults. Atharv says we are not hitched, for what reason did you keep this haldi and kumkum. Sampada says we will get the marriage testament utilizing cash. She says no one is familiar with Mugdha. Atharv keeps his hand on her mouth and says on the off chance that anybody comes to be familiar with Mugdha. Sampada calls him childish and gets some information about my affections for Moksh.

My Heart Knows update Thursday 3rd February 2022: Kalyani tells Billu that Malhar didn’t pick her call and says on the off chance that she had not called at the Police station then, at that point, wouldn’t have known from Pawar. She tells that Malhar is incredible and says you are fortunate to have him as your dad. She says who does this for other people, and says he is extraordinary. Malhar hears her and inquires as to whether her commending is finished. He requests that she have burger and keeps it. She says I told you once you actually recollect. Malhar says I have almonds day by day and says you should be ravenous after the quick. Kalyani says she neglected to eat and says she loved the way, he expressed gratitude toward her. She says however why you are saying thank you as I am your significant other and it is spouse’s obligation to ensure her better half. Malhar requests that she tell obligation. He comes towards her and requests that she eat assuming she is finished with her discussions. He says thank you for whatever you have accomplished for me. Kalyani grins joyfully.

Kalyani says even I am hitched and says she will do haldi kumkum with her Aai. Anupriya slaps her and makes the thaali fall. Sampada grins.


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