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My Heart Knows update Sunday 6th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Sunday 6th February 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani advising Anupriya that Sampada is acting to be hitched so she gets Billu’s authority, yet she doesn’t realize that she can isolate Billu from her. Anupriya says I attempted to let everybody know that Sampada and Atharv were behind the trick, however no one trusted her. Kalyani says we will be glad that we halted their scheme and asks her not to get pressure. She requests that she have the burger. Anupriya says I don’t eat this. Kalyani says this is burger and says she will ask Malhar from where he brought. She tells that they have fair in the school. Anupriya asks what? Kalyani tells that there will be shops in the school and tells that whoever have the greater deal wins. Anupriya says she will get some information about Saree slow down there. Pallavi comes there and lets them know that they are enormous parts and insults them. She tells Kalyani that Sampada welcomed her for haldi kumkum rasam and asks Anupriya not to come, gets out whatever is your work in wedded lady’s ceremonies. Kalyani requests that she accomplish her work and says it is Aai’s desire to come or not to come. Anupriya requests that she leave it.

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Atharv blows up on Sampada and gets some information about Godaveri, and gets out whatever they did was together, and tells that on the off chance that Mugdha returns and comes to be aware of her haldi kumkum custom, don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur. He terrifies her and tells that he isn’t there to address her errors. He then, at that point, embraces her and requests that she tell him prior to busy. Atharv comes to Kalyani’s room and showers fragrance. He tells that her constable can’t bear the cost of such exorbitant things. Kalyani becomes furious. Atharv says he came to call her for haldi kumkum as she is acting to be hitched to Malhar. Malhar comes and cleans the rooftop where Atharv is standing and asks Kalyani from where soil came in our room. Atharv says you realizes who is soil and whom Sampada kicked out from her life. Malhar takes out his old garments and tosses on Atharv, and requests that he wear it. Kalyani takes the scent bottle from Atharv and lets Malhar know that terrible stench is coming in their room. Atharv requests that they fly large, and tells that once they get moksh’s authority then they will hush up.

Anupriya educates Aao Saheb concerning the fair. Aao Saheb requests that she participate and win. Anupriya gets cheerful. Sampada comes there and offers cash to Anupriya and requests that she make desserts. Aao Saheb tosses her cash and tells Sampada that Anupriya isn’t a worker. Sampada says everybody is Servant here. Anupriya says I will make the desserts as noble cause and requests that Sampada keep the cash. Anupriya and Kalyani make desserts. Anupriya is going to go inside the house to give the desserts, yet Aparna cruelly embarrasses Aparna telling that she is certainly not a hitched lady and she don’t her unpropitious effect to fall on her. Kalyani couldn’t bear her insults and lets Anupriya know that she will effectively show them something new. Pallavi lets Aao Saheb know that she is acting to be content as Sampada is distraught. Aparna says I will pull your tongue assuming you say anything against my little girl. Pallavi says you ought to fear Malhar as though he comes to realize then he will show you out. Kalyani grins hearing them. Sampada inquires as to whether she is feeling tragic as no such rasam occurred for her. She insults her. Kalyani requests that she focus on the rasam and says in the event that something turns out badly… .

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My Heart Knows update Sunday 6th February 2022: Aparna says lets start the rasam. Sampada tells her that Aao Saheb has the primary right to apply haldi kumkum to her. Aao Saheb comes to apply haldi kumkum and see the haldi pieces. Sampada asks from where it is kept? Pallavi says I crushed it and kept it here. A fb is shown, Kalyani changes the haldi blend in the crate and keeps the pieces in the bowl. Sampada chastens Pallavi. Kalyani chuckles. Sampada comprehends Kalyani transformed it. Aparna tells that she will bring from her home. Kalyani says she needs to converse with Malhar on video call. Aparna becomes furious. Kalyani says you should realize that the haldi will be crushed at home for the rasam and says how you will know as the marriage is phony. Sampada holds her hairs. Kalyani pushes her and holds her hand asks her to safe it to utilize Atharv’s cash.

Kalyani lets Anupriya know that even she is hitched and will do the rasam, however Anupriya slaps her.


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