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My Heart Knows update Saturday 5th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Saturday 5th February 2022: Episode Start With Kalyani venting out her resentment and saying that her Aai is blameless. She asks why should they rebuff my Aai? She breaks the things outside the house and says my Aai sat idle. Malhar comes there in his jeep and requests that she stop. He says I have a method for saving Maai. He says I have an arrangement utilizing which Maai will be saved. Kalyani says she don’t accept. Malhar inquires as to whether she is imagining that he is lying and tells that he will deliver Aahir in the court and make him give explanation that Rachit was engaged with the naxals and he was a fear monger. He says we will record leniency appeal for Maai. Kalyani inquires as to whether Aai will be saved. Malhar says OK. Kalyani says sorry and embraces him. She says she becomes self-important here and there. Malhar says in some cases and asks her not to stress.

Swara causes Atharv to have food. Atharv tells that the food is fiery and requests water. Swara gives him water. Aao Saheb reproves her for causing him to have fiery food. Atharv inquires as to why you are reproving her and tells that he will whine to his Aai and baba. Malhar gets some information about Moksh. Kalyani inquires as to whether Sampada will escape from the latrine, says there are exceptionally less opportunities to steal away yet. Malhar says once we salvage Maai, we will take Sampada to emergency clinic.

Kalyani attempts to cause Moksh to have the food. Atharv comes there and requests that they come as Badi nani is upsetting Swara. Malhar becomes vexed. Kalyani says she will deal with him and lets Atharv know that she will chasten badi nani. Atharv says how to persuade Swara and says he will take her recorder. He plays the radio and comes to be aware of valentine’s day tomorrow. He asks Malhar what he will gift Kalyani. Malhar doesn’t says anything. Atharv says you are senior and will give gift. Malhar gets a call and tells Kalyani that Aahir will be prosecuted to give proclamation against Rachit. Kalyani gets cheerful and figures Malhar will free Anupriya.

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My Heart Knows update Saturday 5th February 2022: Aao Saheb meets Anupriya in the lock up and says on the off chance that you had consented to my platitudes, this day wouldn’t have seen. Anupriya says where I would have gone. She says on the off chance that I get imprisoned, what will befall Kalyani, how she will take it. Aao Saheb says on the off chance that anything happens to you then I won’t excuse Malhar, in spite of the fact that I have pardoned him for Rao Saheb’s passing.

Kalyani gets a present for Malhar and figures he will like it. She sees him coming and wears sweat shirt to conceal the gift. Malhar inquires as to whether she recalls what is the day today. Sarthak comes there and embraces Malhar, says he was unable to have rested since 2 days being concerned for Anupriya. He says he will delayed the consultation for some, additional time till Aahir is brought there. Malhar has likewise brought the present for herself and stows away in his uniform. He asks her for what reason she is wearing the perspiration shirt. Kalyani tells that she was feeling cold and that’ why worn her perspiration shirt. Malhar makes her a quip and hangs tight for her to say I love you. Kalyani says I disdain you. Malhar goes. Kalyani figures the second will be unique when she says I love you to him and asks that all will be well.

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Sarthak converses with the adjudicator and requests that she give at some point to him to deliver the observer to the court. Judge tells that she don’t have any sit around idly to sit tight for the customer. She says your better half has done a homicide. Sarthak says he knows Anupriya since numerous days and she isn’t a killer. Kalyani comes there and hears her. She gets brutal and tosses the things in the appointed authority’s lodge, saying my Aai isn’t blameworthy. She is going to hit judge with paper weight, yet the adjudicator holds her hand and slaps her hard.

My Heart Knows update Saturday 5th February 2022: Malhar comes there and asks Judge how could she to slap his significant other? He inquires as to whether she is fine. Judge tells that Kalyani assaulted her and she slapped her justifiably. Kalyani says I need to disclose to you that my Aai shot Rachit to save Swara from the corrosive assault. Judge tells her that she can’t save her Aai by saying this. Malhar says he can document argument against the appointed authority. Judge tells that she won’t permit rough young lady like her and says she won’t permit her in the consultation too. Kalyani says you are not understanding the circumstance. Judge requests that Malhar take Kalyani from that point. Malhar takes Kalyani out. Kalyani inquires as to why she isn’t getting her and feels torment in her face. Malhar says I can comprehend your indignation and says he is feeling torment in his heart for her.


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