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My Heart Knows update Monday 7th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Monday 7th February 2022 : The Episode begins with Kalyani let Sampada know that she will know the ceremonies as this is her subsequent marriage and afterward says it doesn’t influence as the marriage is phony. Sampada holds her hairs indignantly. Kalyani pushes her and afterward holds her hand requesting that she save it to make Atharv’s cash fly. She asks her not to take out her dissatisfaction on her. Neighbors tell that they don’t trust this from Deshmukh family. Aao Saheb checks out Kalyani. Kalyani asks did she have any evidence that she took it. Aao Saheb asks where could Anupriya be? Pallavi and Aparna tell that they asked her not to come. Aparna says how might we let ominous lady come in the capacity. Kalyani becomes irate and tosses the trash on the desserts made by Anupriya. She says she saved them from having desserts made by foreboding Anupriya. Aao Saheb tells that Kalyani is correct and requests that they call Anupriya. She says Anupriya should have some haldi blend. Sampada requests that Aparna call her. Aparna attempts to contend. Anupriya is considering in the plant region. Pallavi and Aparna come there and call Anupriya requesting that she bring haldi box. Kalyani comes there and requests that she give haldi. She gives the crate and requests that she give it saying it was in kitchen. Anupriya comes there holding haldi powder. Aao Saheb asks where could it have been?

Anupriya says it was in kitchen. Aao Saheb says lets start the rasam. She does Sampada’s Tilak. Aparna applies Tilak to Sampada and tells that Kalyani did this intentionally so we can Anupriya. Sampada says I know Kalyani’s flimsy part and will give her answer. She is sorry to Anupriya and says why she can’t participate in the rasam assuming her better half left her and went to different ladies. She says her worth in the house is of a Servant and pushes Anupriya down on Aao Saheb’s feet.

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Kalyami becomes irate and harms Sampada asking how could she to say this. Anupriya gets up and requests that Kalyani stop it. Aao Saheb lets Sampada know that she never believed that her blood will become dark. Sampada inquires as to whether she needed to take off from the house and says you kept Anupriya as a Servant in the house. Kalyani says my Aai isn’t a widow. Aparna says bhaiyya left her 18 years back and she isn’t hitched now. Sampada says she needs to remain like a widow and Servant and sit in a corner. She says she isn’t suhagan, however abhagan. Kalyani says I will perceive the way my Aai don’t do this haldi kumkum rasam. She says even I am hitched, I will do haldi kumkum with my Aai. She requests that Anupriya show everybody that she is hitched and says no one has the privilege to point finger on your conjugal status. She takes Tilak on her finger and is going to apply it on Anupriya’s brow. Anupriya thinks about Aparna’s words and pushes the haldi kumkum plate in air and slaps Kalyani. She finds sindoor fallen on her maang and wipes it. Kalyani is stunned.

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My Heart Knows update Monday 7th February 2022: Anupriya says I advised you not to do anything and says I was not biting the dust to come here, and says you brought me here. She expresses out loud whatever I arrived, affront. She says haldi kumkum isn’t the verification of hitched life. Aao Saheb tells Kalyani is right on the money this time. Anupriya says we think she is abhagan and have no bearing in the public eye. Sampada grins and smiles. Anupriya says my character is a question mark and says Suhagan’s evidence is her better half and says my significant other were never with me. Aao Saheb and Kalyani cry. Anupriya lets Kalyani know that when she used to feel alone in evenings and reviled herself, and asks where could your baba then, at that point, have been? She says when I see others with their better half then I used to cry and implored that your baba will return and held my hand. She asks where could he then, at that point, have been? She inquires as to why I don’t take an interest in capacities as everybody have compassion or giggle on her. She questions Kalyani asking where was her dad when that large number of things occurring with her. She says she was a blockhead to trust that he will return and says now she has choked out her expectations and acknowledged that he won’t ever return. She says she is glad being distant from everyone else and cries. Anupriya apologizes to Kalyani and says my displeasure expand bursted on you which was on him and says this hand will get rebuffed for it. She keeps hand on the diya and damages herself. Everybody is stunned.

Kalyani requests that Anupriya take out outrage. Anupriya says she feels torment at whatever point she sees the pic and says she wants to hit hammer on her chest, and inquires as to whether she needs to see. Kalyani gets strained.


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