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My Heart Knows update Friday 4th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Friday 4th February 2022: Episode Start with Malhar encourages to Terrorist that he is checking bombs, we are ready for mission. Spies encourages to Kalyani that Malhar got Terrorist trailblazer and mission is productive. Kalyani euphorically encourages to Shera that her Malhar is alive and she demands that official take her to Malhar. Spy demands that they go with him. Kalyani demands that Shera come anyway Shera denies saying I make you met your Malhar and I fulfilled my assurance and he reestablishes her Mangalsutra and solicitations that she wear it. Kalyani asks how you’re so OK, I insulted you ordinarily yet you just caused me. Shera says you’re squarely in your place and it’s the best an open door for me to leave and you can reach out to me whenever you really want help and I can generally recall you and Moksh. Kalyani offers thanks toward him and wear her mangalsutra and solicitations that he charge you well. Shera asks you won’t neglect to recollect me right. Kalyani says never and goes with official. Shera wipes his tears and behaves like he is perky.

Kalyani compasses to region and witnesses that experts bringing mental aggressors out from building. Kalyani gets some data about Malhar. The government agent tells that Malhar Rane just called them and instructed us with respect to manipulators’ area yet he isn’t here. Kalyani says I won’t forsake my life partner, for whom I have come here. Dread based oppressor sats her significant other will pass on. Kalyani tends to where is her Malhar. Out of nowhere the bomb impacts. Mental oppressor says I have butchered your soul mate. Police takes dread based oppressors with them. Kalyani cries genuinely and shouts Malhar ji. Malhar emerges from otherside and saying Kalyani. Kalyani feels merry seeing him and the two accepts each other in tears. Kalyani tells how Moksh lost voice without him and the sum they missed him. Malhar sats I missed you also.

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My Heart Knows update Friday 4th February 2022: Kalyani asks how he moved away from bomb sway. Malhar uncovers to her how his dost saved him. Kalyani says that individual left from home to save to you and because of him I got you Malhar Ji. Malhar wishes to offer thanks toward him. Kalyani says we can meet him again assuming God needs to, we ought to go to home considering the way that our Moksh is keeping things under control for us. Malhar ranges to home with Kalyani and reminsces his minutes with Moksh. Moksh rushes to Malhar and merrily accepts him. Kalyani feels energetic. Malhar blissfully kisses his face. Moksh tends to why you left me, would I have the option to say one last goodbye to you.

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My Heart Knows update Friday 4th February 2022: Malhar sats the sum he missed him and promises him that he will not at any point leave him once more. Anupriya brings welcoming Taali. Malhar offers thanks toward Anupriya for her help and demands that she excuse him. Anupriya says I’m happy for you since you did it for nation and she welcomes with Aarti. Anupriya says I stirred up too that I lost assumption that you’re alive anyway Kalyani never show her assumption and acknowledged that you’re blasting at the creases with this litting light. Aaosaheb gives the Diya to Kalyani. Malhar gets some data about Sarthak. Aaosaheb says Sarthak is in room and don’t want to come out. Malhar says he will talk with him.


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