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My Heart Knows update Friday 11th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Friday 11th February 2022: The Episode begins with Aao Saheb getting cheerful seeing Anupriya and Kalyani selling sarees at the saree slow down. Aao Saheb says I will go at this point. Anupriya apologizes to her and says we were unable to win. Aao Saheb says no issue, and says we won’t get the prize in light of the Atharv like boss visitor. She says our sarees are ideal and numerous ladies liked them. She says our slow down is ideal. Pallavi says that kissing tree (mistletoe tree) is great. Aao Saheb takes a gander at her. Pallavi says it is bold. Somebody comes and tells Kalyani that Sampada called her

. Sampada converses with Aparna, who tells that she halted Malhar due to Moksh and he called the specialist for him. Sampada lets Atharv know that she will deliver retribution of his affront. Kalyani comes there. Sampada tells her that they are playing a unique games for couples and says the person will take shots at the point and the young lady will get the gift from here. She says she remembered to play with them and asks where could Malhar be? She calls him. Kalyani says he… Sampada says Malhar can’t give even a brief period to his significant other. Anupriya says Kalyani is a getting young lady and won’t get incited by you. She says on the off chance that he didn’t come then this implies that he is trapped in work. Sampada says somebody is giving the gyaan whose spouse didn’t confront her face since years.

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My Heart Knows update Friday 11th February 2022: She giggles. Kalyani becomes furious. Atharv says I trust such Kalyani’s reality isn’t similar to you. Malhar inquires as to whether you know how to utilize weapon or simply knows to utilize tongue. Atharv asks who said? Malhar says your dad Malhar Rane. Kalyani grins. Anupriya takes Moksh from him. Sampada requests that Atharv win and says I need those jhumkas. Malhar and Atharv focus on the objective. Many individuals supports Atharv. Kalyani just cheers for Malhar.

Atharv’s man places glass glare on Malhar, yet Malhar fires at the objective properly. Sampada and Atharv become vexed. For requests that they take the one who set the glass glare on Malhar. Kalyani lets Malhar know that she needs the hoops and lets Sampada know that she didn’t realize that her decision is great for first time. Anupriya requests that Malhar make Kalyani wear it. Malhar makes her wear jhumkas. Kalyani takes a gander at him. Tere Naina melody plays… ..Kalyani’s companions come there and applaud. Sampada advises Atharv that she arranged well to stop Malhar and needed to make Kalyani’s tamasha, however don’t have the foggiest idea how he came.

Atharv says I got a thought and takes her to mistletoe tree. He calls the mistletoe tree slow down proprietors and says once Malhar comes there, then, at that point, Kalyani will come and afterward… Anupriya advises Kalyani to deal with her jhumkas and tells that she will check assuming it is free at home. Malhar tells that he thought Moksh is unwell, however Doctor said that he is fine so he came. Anupriya requests that he take Malhar to see the slows down. Malhar says saree slow down is great, yet this mistle toe tree thought here isn’t great. Kalyani says Aai and you are both same, sanskari.

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She inquires as to whether he isn’t ravenous and inquires as to whether he need to have something. Malhar asks would you say you are feeling hungry? Kalyani says no and afterward says OK. Malhar requests that she let know if she really wants to say anything and says I don’t understand heart. A person on Atharv’s requests crashes into Kalyani and makes her hoops tumble down. He then, at that point, takes the hoops with him. Malhar sees her hoop missing and asks Kalyani. Kalyani becomes stressed and says that hoop was not normal as it was his first gift to her. They begin looking through it.

My Heart Knows update Friday 11th February 2022: Atharv requests that the person Pankaj proceed to remain under the mistletoe tree. Pankaj calls Kalyani and requests that she come there, as he found her jhumka. Kalyani says she will come there. Sampada inquires as to whether Kalyani will come there. Atharv says OK. Pankaj’s companion Divesh sends Malhar to mistletoe tree, saying Kalyani went there. Atharv says I made first spouse absconded and presently somebody is kissing his subsequent wife. Sampada chuckles. Pankaj comes to Anupriya seeing her looking through stud and believes her to be Kalyani, and says I need to kiss you. Malhar looks indignantly.

Precap: Atharv calls Principal, understudies and so on and says my Maayi was wanting to kiss seeing the folks and that is the reason remained under the tree so somebody can give her a kiss. Anupriya cries.


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