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My Heart Knows Tuesday 28th December 2021 Zee World

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 28th December 2021: The Episode begins with Kalyani let everybody know that how they can imagine that Malhar will do such modest thing and says he won’t ever do this. Atharv and Sampada come there. Sampada acts worried for Sneha and embraces her. Sneha cries. Atharv says similarly as your telephone came, we left party and came here. He yells calling Malhar and says I will break his hands. Kalyani holds his collar indignantly and says this is your doings. You both needed to trap him by charging him wrongly. Atharv inquires as to whether she is frantic subsequent to remaining with constable. Kalyani says assuming you figure you will succeed then you are off-base as I am remaining with Malhar and I won’t allow anything to happen to him. She enlightens Sneha that she doesn’t know regarding Atharv and tells that he can never be faithful to anybody. Sampada asks Kalyani not to drive Sneha to change his assertion. They ask where could Malhar be? Aao Saheb asks assuming that he did nothing then for what good reason is he stowing away. Atharv picks a bar and says he will break his legs. Kalyani requests that he contact him and says then she will break his (Atharv’s) hand. Atharv says there is no distinction between resident lady and you, and says I trust same from you. Sampada says with whom you are talking and says Kalyani has no qualities. Anupriya says it doesn’t look decent assuming you say this. Sampada says I left him as he was wrong. She lies that Malhar went with Sneha from the party. Kalyani asks what garbage and says it isn’t demonstrated that he fouled up with Sneha. Atharv says it is demonstrated what sort of spouse he is, and what sort of man is? He tells Aao Saheb that Malhar’s law will capture him with his one call, yet he hushes up due to her. Pallavi says she is concerned for Godaveri.

Aao Saheb asks Kalyani where is Malhar assuming he is blameless? She says he may be blameworthy. Aao Saheb says she confided in Malhar, yet he grabbed her home. Anupriya says Malhar is blameless. Sampada says he isn’t getting the joy which he needs from his significant other and he may have streamed in feelings with Sneha’s touch. Anupriya asks her not to tell that. Sampada says I will demonstrate that Malhar is blameworthy and runs inside the house. Kalyani gets inside as well. Atharv prevents Anupriya from heading inside. Sampada is taking Moksh. Kalyani asks her not to contact him, but rather Sampada pushes her and takes Moksh. Sampada says today truth will be out and requests that she let know if they have a couple’s connection or not. She asks what is your connection with Malhar. Anupriya inquires as to whether her heart don’t soften down seeing her child crying? Sampada says let him cry, I need his improvement and says I won’t allow modest man’s appearance to fall on Moksh.

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 28th December 2021: Sampada asks what is your connection with Malhar and requests that Kalyani tell. She grins and says Kalyani’s quiet is the confirmation that Malhar and Kalyani have no connection. She says how could a youngster can handle himself and says Malhar’s condition deteriorated in the wake of wedding Kalyani. Malhar comes and takes child from Sampada. He gives child to Kalyani and requests that Sampada avoid his significant other and child. Atharv holds his collar and requests that he say thanks to him for not sending him to imprison. He requests that he let everybody know how he managed Sneha. Chief comes there with Police. Kalyani says why you are here? Malhar says I called him. He says law will choose if I did this wrongdoing or not. Chief says revolting and guarantees Sneha that Malhar will be rebuffed assuming he is blameworthy. Atharv requests that he take a gander at Sneha. Kalyani says Malhar is honest and requests that he offer something in protection. She says this is completely finished by Atharv. Malhar is quiet and sits in the jeep. Kalyani says I realize you are honest, Atharv is lying and asks where is he going? She requests that he say truth. He sits in Police jeep and goes. Kalyani runs behind the jeep. Anupriya attempts to stop her, yet Aao Saheb stops her.

Magistrate requests that Malhar say something. Kalyani requests that Malhar tell and says your seniors can help you. She asks Commissioner how might he release Sneha? magistrate says she is casualty and requests that Malhar offer something with all due respect else he needs to suspend her. Kalyani says I will bring Lawyer here. Atharv says I carried Lawyer with me and says I thought assuming that Malhar gets suspended then how he will give his charges. He says whatever he did with Sneha isn’t right, yet be brought attorney and will pay his expenses for Deshmukh family. Kalyani becomes irate and tosses paper weight on Atharv requesting that he leave. Atharv holds the paper weight. Malhar says I am prepared to acknowledge the wrongdoing and tells that he has gotten out of hand with Sneha. He says he needn’t bother with any legal counselor. Chief tells that he will get the suspension letter tomorrow and the procedure will begin against him.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 28th December 2021: Atharv says I truly needed to help Malhar, yet presently I can’t help him. Legal counselor says OK. Atharv requests that he tell her later Malhar gets suspended and says lifelong companions are valuable in terrible occasions. He says I am prepared to give uplifting news to Deshmukh family and you. Rao gives the letter. Official requests that Malhar sign on the admission letter and says assuming you sign on it then no one can save you. your uniform will be taken from you, and the procedure will begin against you and you should consume your time on earth in prison. Malhar is going to sign on the papers stunning Kalyani.

Atharv lets Aao Saheb and Anupriya know that he got Anupriya’s side of house from the sahukar. He applies tone to their countenances. Aao Saheb tells about the quick and tells that she is keeping Nirjala quick to overcome Atharv. Kalyani hears her and thinks to save the quick for saving Malhar.


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