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My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Update Zee World

My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Update Zee World
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My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Update Zee World: The episode begins with Malhar let Anupriya and Sarthak know that he needs to win this case at any expense, the two of them know that how significant is this and I need to cause Atharv to feel that they have two first class legal counselors. He tells Anupriya that Kaka’s experience will work for them. Anupriya requests that Malhar let Sarthak battle the case. Sarthak additionally won’t battle case with Anupriya and goes. Anupriya additionally says sorry and goes. Kalyani awakens and observes Moksh sitting and watching in his portable. Moksh tells that Indian genius Musical association is coming on Zee TV. He says do you have any idea who is the brand representative. Kalyani says Salman Khan. They advance the show. Aao Saheb lets Godaveri know that she cares very little about puja stuff. Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb and tells that she can’t battle case with Sarthak for Moksh’s guardianship, and inquires as to for what reason was the need to Malhar to argue infront of him. Godaveri gives her water. Anupriya requests the puja. Aao Saheb says you didn’t have any idea what occurred at home. She says kalyani and stops.

Kalyani is again on the bed and requests that Moksh bring the cover, as she is feeling a lot of aggravation. Moksh says you are now covered with cover. She says I figure I will get sweater from the pantry. She opens the cabinet and takes sweater. All at once Sampada’s hand holds her neck and lights her in air. Moksh gets stunned seeing Kalyani yelling and is on her toes. He yells calling everybody. Kalyani cries while Malhar embraces him. Atharv takes their recording.

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Update Zee World: Kalyani says somebody is there in the cabinet. Malhar tells her that Moksh took off apprehensive and tells that Atharv will utilize this against them and requests that Malhar get her conceded in the psychological shelter. Kalyani says she isn’t lying. Aao Saheb says we will check the cabinet once. She checks in the cabinet and couldn’t track down anything. Kalyani feels a lot of migraine. Anupriya takes more time to bed and back rubs her head. Atharv lets Malhar know that his fate is awful, one spouse left him and other wife became frantic.

Aao Saheb converses with Pandit ji. All at once Atharv plays frantic individuals sound to upset Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb requests that he disappear from their lives. Atharv asks how you can help your ill-conceived amazing girl. Aao Saheb asks him not to call her ill-conceived and says she can do anything for her. Atharv inquires as to whether she is certain? He then gives her papers and requests that she sign in something like 24 hours and afterward he will take off from Moksh and this house. Aao Saheb peruses and gets stunned.

Later in the evening, Kalyani gets some information about Moksh. Malhar says he is snoozing Godaveri’s room. He requests that she rest. Kalyani rests. He gets up late in the evening and thinks that she is absent. He look through her and comes to the kitchen. He observes somebody going. Kalyani is perched on Atharv’s bed wearing Sampada’s saree… .She requests that he get up. Malhar is going from that point and hears her. Kalyani says Atharv… get up as we need to take a choice about our child. She requests that he get up. Atharv gets up and gets stunned seeing Kalyani in his room.

He asks would you like to kill me. Malhar comes there. Kalyani giggles and asks since when you began getting terrified. She says my Atharv alarms others and chuckles. She falls on the bed chuckling… .Atharv requests that Malhar take his better half from that point and says she has gone distraught. Malhar requests that Kalyani accompany him. Kalyani asks how will he respond, on the off chance that he will capture her? Atharv gets terrified and harms his hand. Kalyani becomes stressed and tears her saree pallu, and ties on his hand. Malhar requests that she accompany him.

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Kalyani says you generally needed us not to join together, yet we will remain together. She then, at that point, requests that Atharv deal with himself and call her at whenever. Atharv says she has gone frantic. He shuts the entryway similarly as Kalyani and Malhar leaves. Atharv thinks what befell Kalyani, for what reason did she shower such a lot of adoration on me unexpectedly… ..

My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Update Zee World: Malhar takes more time to the room and asks what were you doing in Atharv’s room. Kalyani says for what reason will I go to Atharv’s room. Malhar shows that she tore the saree and tied on Atharv’s harmed hand. He inquires as to for what reason did you wear this saree? Kalyani is stunned and tells that she didn’t wear Sampada’s saree. She gets thinking.

Precap: Malhar, Anupriya and others do puja. Kalyani feels torment as she is moved by Sampada. Sarthak comes there. Kalyani pushes him down.

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