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My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021 Starlife

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021
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My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021: The episode began with Malhar scolding Kalyani and asked him to buy a small nail cutter for the baby. Kalyani asked her not to worry. Malhar said I had a lot of work to do and asked Aparna to take the baby. He said today I will give you a lesson that you won’t forget in your life. He asked if you believe in myself that you will cut the baby’s nails without hurting his fingers, and said now I will cut your nails with blind folds themselves, now I will see the trust who is right. Anupriya thinks what to do. Malhar was blindfolded and would cut his finger. Anupriya signed Kalyani to cut baby nails with her teeth. Kalyani tells the same answer. Malhar opened the eye patch and looked at the window. Kalyani said I was nervous and that’s why I didn’t know. He said now I know Baba Moksh worry about him again won’t shout at me because of my carelessness. He came out and heard the police laughed. He asked if they laughed at him when his wife married.

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Constable said what did you say? We really don’t know, we hear it for the first time from you. Malhar said sorry and left. He thought of Pallavi’s words that the baby from Sampada and Atharv, and Kalyani said that Moksh was his baby. He thinks there are only ways and say DNA tests. Aparna said that she felt bad for the baby and said if Sampada would be with her … Kalyani said Sampada left the baby and married with strangers. Aparna took Malhar’s stick and tried to beat him. Kalyani holds her hand and said that even though Sampada gave her birth, but her baby was her. He said he took a baby to find out the results of the entrance test. Aparna said I would take her baby because she likes to spend time with me.

Malhar said I took a baby with me for a monthly inspection. He felt bad and said I knew you were upset with me, my heart said that you were my blood, but my heart was injured by Pallavi’s words. He apologized and said I needed to know if I was Baba or not. He goes. Aparna threatens to destroy Kalyani’s feet if she behaves badly with her next time. Kalyani took a stick and walked towards Aparna.

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Aparna asked her to return. Kalyani hit the wall and asked her to think about the consequences. He said that he would examine the results. Anupriya and Kalyani came to see the results. Anupriya checks Kalyani’s name and becomes happy. Kalyani said she came to the 7th number. Anupriya asked him to come. Kalyani examined the name of Anupriya and told you to pass the exam. He said sorry had called him Aayi in college. He told Anupriya that he would call Malhar and inform about the results. He said Malhar took Moksh to the hospital for a monthly inspection.

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021: Malhar came to the hospital to complete the test. Doctors ask about baby names. Malhar said Moksh Rane. The doctor said we had to take the baby’s permission. Malhar said he was dead. The baby starts crying. The doctor asked Malhar to give a baby to the nurse for a blood test.

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021: Malhar said the baby was very small. The doctor asked him not to worry. Malhar got Kalyani’s phone and he thought why he called. The nurse said that the preparation of DNA test was carried out and the blood group report came and said Grp Blood Malhar was blood A- and Baby GRP B +. The doctor asked him to get a sign of Malhar about the approval form until he returned from the round. Malhar asked the nurse about the baby’s blood group. Nurses say B +. Malhar remembered Atharv asked him what Blood Bee was and said B +. Sampada laughed. Malhar said only you like such a joke. Atharv said even my blood group was B +. Malhar became sad and upset, and left the hospital leaving a baby without supervision. Koi Fariyaad … he thinks what is the blood type Sampada and think there must be several files at home. He thought if the blood group was not B + it would be proven that … he pushed J

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