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My Heart Knows Thursday 30th December 2021 Zee World

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021
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My Heart Knows Thursday 30th December 2021:The Episode begins with Malhar advising Kalyani that she don’t have to do anything. Kalyani says I will do and you can’t stop me. Anupriya comes and gives her Til glue and says she made extra. She tells Malhar that Kalyani will keep the quick and you will be liberated from the allegations. Malhar goes. Kalyani requests the number of kgs from oil to be included the water. Anupriya says only a couple of drops for the custom. Later Godaveri is heading off to some place and calls somebody, tells she has arrived at market. Anupriya is close by and sees her. She asks where is she going? Godaveri tells that she is going for educational cost. Anupriya tracks down adornments in her pack and admonishes her Pallavi comes and says she gave her gems for cleaning. Anupriya thinks why Godaveri is strained.

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Atharv clears concrete off of Sampada’s hand says everybody can’t resemble me. He says your child demonstrated that both of you can’t be faithful to anybody. Sampada becomes furious. Atharv giggles… Sampada tells that she is certain that Kalyani and Malhar have no relations. All of a sudden she hears Malhar requesting that Kalyani take off the garments. Kalyani says she is doing this and requests that he have tolerance. Sampada gets desirous. Malhar and Kalyani are changing Moksh’s garments and she comes clean with Malhar to tell as Atharv and Sampada can’t deal with Moksh. Malhar says you are keeping quick so all will be well. Kalyani says she has full confidence on bappa. Malhar drops paper on the floor. Kalyani asks him what’s going on with he? She shows the food picture on the paper. Malhar asks her not to keep quick. Kalyani says she has confidence on her quick and her Aai likewise trust her. Anupriya sees Godaveri going with Rahul on the bicycle, and thinks to call Kalyani, however at that point thinks she is now pained and don’t call her. She takes auto and follows her.

Kalyani comes to the kitchen and lets Bappa know that she will smother her head for the quick. Aparna and Sampada are remaining close there, in the wake of adding leeches in the can. Aparna says I will perceive how Kalyani bear this aggravation. Kalyani is going to place water with leeches in it, however all of a sudden Malhar comes and pushes the can and takes Kalyani to him. They fall on the bed… They have an eye lock. Aparna and Sampada look on envious. Kalyani says you treated my words in a serious way. Malhar requests that she get up and shows her bloodsuckers. Kalyani yells and says there is a bloodsucker on her body. She embraces him. Malhar requests that she unwind and asks from where did the bloodsucker come? He tells that he saw leeches outside the house. He goes. Kalyani requests that Bappa give her some thought so she can save Malhar from going to prison. She tells that Malhar has saved her quick. Sampada lets Aparna know that she will prevent Kalyani from keeping the quick. Kalyani is attempting to make Ganapati Bappa with sand and appeals to God to help her and demonstrate Malhar’s guiltlessness in 2 hours. Malhar comes and offers assistance. Kalyani says the person who has kept quick, will make the symbol. Malhar requests that she manipulate the sand well and says water is more. He holds her hand and manipulates the sand. Kalyani signs him about her hairs. Malhar blows on her hairs. They make Ganapati symbol together. Kalyani snickers cheerfully. Malhar looks on.

My Heart Knows Thursday 30th December 2021:Kalyani says icon is made pleasantly. Malhar says I helped you, however you were burning through your time. Kalyani says you have fortify my trust, Ganapati Bappa won’t let my quick break and will demonstrate your blamelessness. She takes selfie with Ganapati icon and Moksh and ships off Anupriya. She calls her, however she thinks not to tell about Godaveri. Kalyani tells her that Malhar assisted her with making the icon and asks where could you be? Anupriya says she went to do a saree conveyance and requests that she go to sanctuary with Aao Saheb. Anupriya closes the call and requests that driver drive quick. Rahul is taking Godaveri extremely far.

My Heart Knows Thursday 30th December 2021:Kalyani comes to the sanctuary and sees the huge line. Pandit ji sees Aao Saheb and requests that she come inside. Kalyani sees her and tells Panditji that Aao Saheb is her fantastic mother. Aao Saheb asks where is your puja thaali. She requests that she take the puja thaali and brighten it. Sampada and Atharv come to the sanctuary and see a major line. They toss gold coins on the way so that individuals separates the line and twist to pick the coins. Atharv and Sampada figure out how to come inside.

Sampada ruins the ganapati made by Kalyani and puts milk on it. She says no one can prevent malhar from going to Jail. Aao Saheb inspires her and says in the event that one concludes then can make icon even presently. Kalyani decides to finish her puja.


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