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My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Zee World

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Zee World
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My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode begins with Sarthak getting stunned seeing Kalyani lifting the jeep. He yells Malhar’s name. Kalyani takes a gander at him indignantly and holds the jeep back, blacks out. Malhar and Anupriya come out and see her oblivious. He asks what has been going on with her? Sarthak lets everything know anything he has seen. Malhar, Aao Saheb, and others are stunned. Anupriya advises Sarthak to quit lying and says he is with Atharv, so we lose the case. Sarthak says I am not lying, I have seen with my eyes, that she lifted the jeep with her hands. He says Kalyani isn’t fine. Atharv grins.

Malhar takes more time to the room and remembers to carry BP Monitor to really look at her BP. Moksh comes to Kalyani and requests that she get up. He sprinkles water all over. Kalyani/Sampada wakes up, Moksh embraces her. Kalyani pushes him and says Kalyani isn’t your Aai, don’t call her Aai. Moksh goes running from that point crying. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani, for what reason did Moksh cry and go from here? Kalyani says she has lost from Atharv and that is the reason attempting to separate with Moksh. Aao Saheb tells that Atharv has kept a condition before me and tells that he requested that I move Nal Emporium on his name. She says I realize you won’t concur, as it is your Aai’s business. Sampada/Kalyani requests that she give Nal Emporium to Atharv so they can get back Moksh. Aao Saheb concurs. Sampada/Kalyani embraces her and sneers, when the cabinet opens.

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Pandit ji and Godaveri observe all the blossom getting dried in only 30 mins. Godaveri says in the event that this occurred because of Tai. Anupriya chides her and inquires as to for what reason is she accusing Kalyani. Moksh comes there and embraces Malhar, tells her that Aai fi chided him and said that she isn’t his Aai fi. Malhar is stunned. Anupriya comes to Sampada/Kalyani and asks her how is she? She embraces her. All of a sudden Sampada goes out from her body. Kalyani asks what happened Aai, for what reason would you say you are worried? She inquires as to whether Malhar ji is fine.

Malhar comes there. Anupriya requests that she rest. Malhar really takes a look at Kalyani’s BP. Kalyani asks what was the deal? She says she remember nothing. Malhar says all is great. Pandit ji gives lemon to Godaveri and requests that she request that Aao Saheb keep it underneath Kalyani’s cushion, and it changes shading then something is off-base. Sarthak hears them and says however he didn’t accept on this large number of things, yet he is compelled to accept subsequent to perceiving how Kalyani leaped off from the window and so forth…

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Zee World: Malhar requests that Inspector Suraj check for Atharv’s exercises, as they can’t open new case now. Atharv comes there, snickers at Malhar and goes. Anupriya carries Kalyani to her lodge. Kalyani says who owns this lodge? Anupriya says this is my lodge. Kalyani gets cheerful and says I am truly pleased with you. She says you merit this seat. Atharv comes there and pulls the seat, and sits on it. Kalyani asks what is this trouble making? Atharv tells that his lodge, seat and Nal Emporium is his now. He shows the papers to Kalyani. Aao Saheb comes there. Kalyani questions her.

Aao Saheb says Atharv had kept condition infront of me and when I told you, you mentioned me to give Nal Emporium to him. Kalyani expresses out loud whatever is occurring, for what reason will I request that you give Nal Emporium to him. She says Atharv isn’t trustable. Atharv says she is correct, he won’t leave Moksh. Aao Saheb requests that Kalyani recall. Kalyani says you ought to have conversed with me once, I could not have possibly allowed you to do this error. Kalyani goes. Atharv requests that Anupriya send Kalyani to mental shelter. He says you individuals had sent me to mental refuge. Aao Saheb explains to Anupriya that she can’t completely accept that why Kalyani declined to her expressions and you are not trusting me.

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Anupriya says don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. They see a young lady moving on the jeep while certain folks are moving down on the melody burj Khalifa Anupriya and Aao Saheb see them moving and requests that they quit moving. They get stunned seeing Kalyani moving. Kalyani asks the young men to make the music stronger. Atharv comes there and hits the dance floor with Kalyani. He says her frenzy made my night beautiful.

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Zee World: Anupriya makes Kalyani down and is going to toss the container. Atharv takes it and says it is imported. Anupriya asks how did you manage her? Anupriya says you are somebody’s significant other, mother and Deshmukh’s little girl. Kalyani says did you let me be a mother… She pushes Anupriya. Atharv is stunned. Aao Saheb and Anupriya carry her to the room. Anupriya says I will put on something else. She opens the pantry and observes Sampada’s garments inside. She says when she had absconded with Atharv, her garments was in our old house. She asks how could they come here? Aao Saheb asks her not to contact them and takes Anupriya out. She tells her that since Sampada passed on, bizarre things are occurring with Kalyani. Anupriya asks what is it that you need to say? Aao Saheb says Kalyani has Sampada’s spirit in her.

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