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My Heart Knows Saturday 4th December 2021:The episode starts with Bomb thinking Kalyani cannot be diffused now, because there are only a few minutes left. He thought of saving Malhar and others. He pushed bomb troops and ran out. Malhar shouted for him to stop. Anupriya held his hand, but Kalyani pushed him and ran. Malhar came out. Anupriya shouted and cried asking him to save Kalyani. He took his jeep and left. Kalyani ran to ask people to move. Malhar asked him to stop. Kalyani said she could not risk her life and asked her to leave. Malhar holds Kalyani while driving a Jeep and took Jeep Afar. Anupriya took a taxi. Malhar stopped the jeep. Kalyani pushed her and said I would not let anything happen to you. Malhar ran behind him and hugged him again. He asked him to be silent, hugging him closer to him and took out the baby operator from his waist. They see a bomb exploding. He pushed Kalyani and threw a bomb in the air, fell in the pool. Anupriya reaches there. Malhar asked Kalyani what he thought about him and said I didn’t see a stupid girl like you in my life.

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Anupriya said I was proud that he was stupid and said I was happy when he tried to save your life who didn’t talk to him well. He said my daughter was stupid to save you. You can’t identify him, but I understand and say that we don’t have blood relations with each other, but the stream of stupidity ties it. He said Kalyani was afraid that your life would be in danger if the bomb squad could not spread the bomb. Malhar said I hope someone will save my life, then I will hug him and thank him. He goes. Kalyani asks why you took my side. Anupriya defeated him and asked if something had happened to you? He cried and hugged him. Kalyani said sorry and said that she had a mother’s feeling now, and realized the same feeling when Billy was on his lap. He said it looks like God trained me to be a mother. Anupriya smiled. Kalyani said sorry.

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My Heart Knows Saturday 4th December 2021: Anupriya hugged him. They reached the police station. Kalyani took a baby from Malhar and became concerned about the baby and said sorry to the baby. Malhar said we would return and return before the Naamkaran program. They got home. Aparna came and asked him to give a baby to him. He forcibly took the baby. The baby starts crying. Aparna said I heard everything, the life of my big son was in danger because of you. Kalyani asked her to give her son. Aparna says dear will stay with me. Baby crying. Malhar asked Aparna to give a baby to Kalyani. Kalyani took a baby on her arm. Babies keep calm. Aparna asked him not to come in a naming ceremony because everyone knew that he was not profitable. Malhar silent. Aparna Smirks and Taunts Kalyani again. Kalyani looked at Malhar and told Aparna that she would attend the naming ceremony and would make arrangements and notify that Billu did not cry in his lap.

My Heart Knows Saturday 4th December 2021: Anupriya was in the car and thought to make some reasons why he didn’t return with Vivek. He thought no one would know that we started talking. Aao Saheb watched Kalyani save 25 people in the mall on TV and thought he might have run to save himself and people misunderstood. Workers come there and tell about Kalyani saved people in the mall. Aao Saheb said Kalyani saved himself. Anupriya came there. Aao Saheb asked Anupriya why did he go to Mumbai with Vivek and where the items did he carry? Aao Saheb rebuked Anupriya and asked workers to leave. He asked him not to show his face again. Workers say this house is not yours, I will come at night to attend Naamkaran who is not invited. Anupriya asked Aao Saheb to leave him. Aao Saheb is angry and thinks there will be the name Tamasha and Malhar will be destroyed before the baby gets his name.

Malhar filled the sand in the pan and said it was full now, after whatever he did with him

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