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My Heart Knows Monday 25th April 2022 Update Zee World

My Heart Knows Monday 25th April 2022 Update Zee World
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My Heart Knows Monday 25th April 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Malhar not to give her false hopes and says it is not in my destiny to become a mother. Malhar says we will take a second opinion. Just then Sampada gets inside her and she pushes Malhar on the ground. Atharv smiles happily. Sampada looks at Malhar angrily. He looks at the kawach in her neck and thinks how did this happen? Sampada laughs aloud. Malhar thinks how did Sampada’s soul entered her. Sampada says you wanted your own child and Kalyani too wanted, but she can’t have her own child. She says it seems Kalyani has to live all her life as my son’s aaya/caretaker. She asks Malhar, if he came to know the difference between Kalyani and her, and says atleast I had given you the happiness of becoming a father. Aao Saheb says she is wearing taveez. Sampada throws it on them and says what did you think that this kawach will keep me away from Kalyani. Atharv gets happy. Malhar asks Sampada to leave Kalyani’s body. Sampada asks what is there in Kalyani and you want baby from her. She threatens to cut Kalyani’s wrist with the blade. Anupriya asks her to leave Kalyani and tries to stop her.

Sampada laughs and says I was joking. I will not give an easy death to Kalyani, I will kill her and give her a painful death. Sarthak tells Malhar that they shall hold and tie her, shall call Pandit ji and get the havan done. Malhar and Sarthak try to hold her, but she runs to the room and takes gun from Aao Saheb’s almari, threatens to kill Kalyani. Aao saheb says from where did this gun come in my almari. Malhar asks her to give the gun. Sampada comes to the hall. Anupriya asks her to take her life and leave her daughter. Sampada says I will kill malhar and smirks looking at Atharv. Atharv signs her to go ahead. He recalls telling that he had hidden gun in Aao Saheb’s cupboard and now Kalyani shall be blamed for Malhar’s death. He says Malhar will die, Kalyani will go to mental asylum and our revenge will be done. Fb ends. Malhar asks Sampada to give him gun and says Moksh is your son, leave Kalyani. Aao Saheb asks her to kill her and leave them. Atharv asks her to leave them. Sarthak is about to catch her with rope. Sampada is about to shoot at Malhar, but shoots in air. She says everyone will die if acts smart. Atharv says she is wasting time, Malhar would have been dead by now.

My Heart Knows Monday 25th April 2022 Update Zee World: Moksh meets Pandit ji outside the house and asks him if he came to bless Aai fi. Pandit ji says yes, I have brought idol for Kalyani. Moksh asks him to come inside. Anupriya asks Sampada to leave Malhar. Sampada says I have decided to kill him and says tell me if you have any last wish. She says I can fulfill my ex-husband’s last wish atleast. Atharv thinks Sampada is foolish even now after death. Moksh comes there and calls her Aai fi. Aao Saheb asks him to come inside. Moksh asks why this bad thing is in Aai fi’s hands. Aao Saheb takes him inside and tells that the thief entered their house and that’s why Aai fi was showing gun and made the thieves go. Anupriya tells Pandit ji that Sampada’s soul is still in Kalyani. Sampada asks Pandit ji to go and asks what kawach you will bring to safe yourself. Pandit ji chants the mantras and walks towards her. Sampada feels pain. Pandit ji keeps the God’s idol on her head and she faints. Malhar holds Kalyani, as Sampada goes. Moksh tells Aao Saheb that he wants to meet Aai fi. Aao Saheb tries to stop him and calls Malhar. Moksh says I want to go to Aai fi. Malhar says your Aai fi is fine. Aao Saheb asks if he will help her to do online shopping. Moksh says it is very easy and asks her to show her mobile. Aao Saheb gives her phone to him. Malhar goes out.

Sarthak tells Malhar that it is not your gun, but mine. Malhar says who can keep it other than Atharv. Pandit ji comes there and tells that real kawach was thrown out of the house. Malhar says I will make Kalyani wear it. Sarthak says I will ask the jewellery to put the kawach inside the jewellery so that Sampada can’t throw it.

Kalyani asks what happened to me? Anupriya says I will bring food for you. Atharv comes there and calls her Sampu. Sampada gets up and asks if you don’t know your Sampu. Atharv asks why did you do time pass? Sampada says first tell me, why did that pandit come there? Atharv says Pandit came later, but you would have killed Malhar. He says he will kill Malhar and make some plan, and asks her to trouble and torture Kalyani. Sampada says if you think that I can’t kill him. Atharv says no, it is not like that, you concentrate on Kalyani and I will kill Malhar with my hands. Sarthak hears them from outside and goes. Atharv goes.

Avni asks Anupriya if she thinks she can win this case and says you can’t win marital rape case. Anupriya says you have hit axe on your feet yourself and says if you think that he will let you stay here, no, he will throw you out. She says the accusation is not proofs yet and I will proof all your truth. She says court will never believe a fake woman and I can dismiss this case even now. She says she would have taken Sarthak out on medical grounds too. She asks her to drink water and goes. She finds Sampada missing. Sarthak meets Malhar and says our doubt was right, Kalyani/Sampada and Atharv are together. It was their plan.

Precap: Kalyani asks everyone, why they all are looking tensed and asks if she has done something. Avni asks her to tell if she really don’t remember or doing drama. She says Sampada’s soul got in you and you tried to kill Malhar and now asking what you have done.

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