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My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021
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Monday third January 2022

Kalyani and Aau Saheb visit the safe-haven while Atharv starts acting wickedly again. Godavari and Malhar set up a catch for Rahul. The clarification that obliged Malhar to sign the confirmation gets uncovered. Anupriya, who was following the Godavari, witnesses everything and is paralyzed to find reality

Tuesday fourth January 2022
Behaving like charmed clients, Kalyani and Anupriya are truly bustling executing their course of action when Sampada appears at Sneha’s home. Sneha manhandles Anupriya and ties her to the seat. Further, she overpowers Kalyani also anyway Anupriya sorts out some way to send the video to the judge. Meanwhile, Malhar’s suspension demand comes in and he is denied of his IDs and weapon.

Wednesday fifth January 2022

Sampada articulates that she will hold a ‘Haldi Kumkum’ capacity to develop her status as Atharv’s soul mate. Aausaheb is happy to hear Anupriya’s course of action to sell sarees at the sensible. Aparna tells Anupriya that she is hardship and doesn’t permit her to go into the house with the sweetmeats. Kalyani replaces the turmeric powder with the whole turmeric.

Thursday 6th January 2022
Anupriya rebukes herself for slapping Kalyani. Atharv faults Aau Saheb for taking his money. She illuminates him in regards to her new business framework with Anupriya that will get her fortune.

Friday seventh January 2022

Aau Saheb recognitions Kalyani and gets truly zeroing in on her and Anupriya, but Pallavi has a jealous point of view toward it. Atharv figures out for a catch for Kalyani with the help of the young fellows who coordinated the Mistletoe tree game. One of the youngsters will kiss Kalyani while Malhar is coming to.

Monday 10th January 2022
Anupriya gets herself her room. Anupriya decides to track down a remarkable method for saving the family from disgrace. She demands that Kalyani stay strong even with difficulty and not lose trust.
Tuesday 11th January 2022
Kalyani entreats god to help her in her baffling plan of noticing a perfect partner for Anupriya. Malhar confuses Kalyani when he sees the profiles open on her PC. A while later, a fearful Anupriya’s bicycle rams into a vehicle.
Wednesday twelfth January 2022
Malhar enlightens Kalyani that he will help her with finding a suitable main event for Anupriya A progression of chance occurrences prompts the disclosure that Atharv mixes alcohol in the sugarcane juice manufactured by his association, and Malhar strikes his modern office.

Thursday thirteenth January 2022
Malhar comes to be acquainted with Atharv’s whereabouts which leave Sampada staggered. Thereafter, Kalyani gives Anupriya a makeover and as instructed, the visual craftsman inconspicuously clicks her photographs anyway gets discovered by Sarthak.

Friday fourteenth January 2022
Anupriya fails to alert Kalyani on time and Keshav viably stuns her. Atharv and Sampada insult Aau Saheb by mentioning that she manage Atharv like a heavenly being and recommendation requests to him for the money. Regardless, Kalyani shows him a new thing and moves him to coordinate the money expected to complete the solicitation without assistance from any other person. A short time later, Anupriya foils one more of Keshav’s undertakings at Kalyani’s life.

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