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My Heart Knows Friday 31st December 2021 Zee World

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021
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My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021

My Heart Knows Friday 31st December 2021:The Episode begins with Sampada and Atharv getting inside the sanctuary tossing gold coins at the group and enter straightforwardly. Aao Saheb asks them not to introduce their extravagance infront of God. Atharv says Pandit ji will give the talk and tells that your name is large, yet your storage is unfilled. Aao Saheb tells that she can’t do puja with them. Atharv requests that she leave in a roundabout way. Kalyani asks Sampada for what good reason she is anxiously needing to do puja as though she has kept quick. Sampada tells that anyone can do puja. Aao Saheb and Kalyani go out, telling that they will do puja later. Sampada thinks to demolish the icon made by Kalyani and puts water on it dissolving it. Kalyani acknowledges and runs inside the sanctuary. Sampada professes to fall and breaks the symbol. Pandit ji asks how did you respond? Sampada says it is unintentionally.

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Kalyani is going to slap her, however Atharv holds her hand. She says you have done this deliberately so I was unable to finish my quick. Sampada says I didn’t realize that your quick will break, and says no one can prevent Malhar from going to prison. She says how Kalyani will carry on with her life now..and acts to have sympathy on her. Kalyani cries. Aao Saheb sees lady making symbols and says there is 10 mins passed on now to do puja, and says on the off chance that one concludes then can finish the quick. Kalyani says I will finish my quick. Chime begins ringing stunning Atharv and Sampada. Kalyani says I will finish my quick and will track down method for liberating Malhar. Aao Saheb grins.
Kalyani runs out and thinks to make symbol in 10 mins at any rate, and asks bappa to help her and excuse her assuming she truly does any misstep. She begins the clock and starts making the icon. Atharv comes and puts water on the symbol which she is making. Kalyani yells and requests that he stop. He giggles and says he was cleaning up. He says there is no way that Malhar will be saved and says he didn’t realize that he will have a great time to destroy her quick. Kalyani tosses tone all over. Atharv shuts his eyes and requests that she give water. Kalyani turns off the tap. Atharv goes to clean up. Kalyani figures how to make the icon quick and minds net, yet her telephone is off. She thinks how Malhar was showing him and starts making symbol once more.

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My Heart Knows Friday 31st December 2021:Rahul assumes Godaveri to detached position and takes gems from her. She requests that she give transformed pics and says assuming anybody sees then I will give my life. Rahul says I don’t have those pics, I called you here for diversion. Malhar comes there and says he will show what diversion is and hops down. He says it was our arrangement to call you here. Godaveri grins. He asks Rahul where are those photographs and inquires as to whether he gave the pics to Atharv, and says assuming he didn’t feel disgrace to play with young lady’s regard. Rahul consents to have given pics to Atharv, and says for those pics you need to acknowledge that you have attacked Sneha, yet I realize you are honest, and says the person who can’t keep his better half cheerful, how might he attack a more abnormal young lady. Malhar says I need to mislead save Godaveri’s regard.

Anupriya hears them stowing away. A fb is shown, Malhar takes Sneha to his old house as she is plastered and haven’t enlightened him regarding the location. He says I will get water for you. Sneha shuts the entryway and falls on him, says she can’t handle and afterward shows Godaveri’s transformed pics to Malhar, requesting that he acknowledge that he has attacked her else she will make Godaveri’s pics viral among the locals. All at once Kalyani thumps on the entryway. Sneha scratches herself and opens her hairs and smears her lipstick stunning Malhar. Fb closes. Malhar lets Rahul know that he will go to prison with him and not the only one. Rahul snickers and says I don’t have those pics with me.

My Heart Knows Friday 31st December 2021:Sampada lets Aao Saheb know that she probably won’t have the watch, and that is the reason she is telling for her data that there is only 30 seconds left. Atharv begins the commencement and says 2. All of a sudden Kalyani yells requesting that he stop. She runs on the sanctuary steps holding the icon and slips. Icon tumbles down from her hand and gets set on where it will be kept. Kalyani grins joyfully. Aao Saheb is cheerful too and requests that Pandit ji do puja, says aarti will be excellent. Sampada and Atharv get stunned and leave from that point. Kalyani requests that Bappa prevent Malhar from going to prison. Kalyani does puja and does God’s aarti. Malhar beats Rahul. Kalyani requests that Bappa save Malhar.

Malhar is taken in Police care. Atharv’s men tell that they will beat such men and pelts stones on him. A paper falls all over because of the weighty breeze, Kalyani sees something and gets stunned.


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