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My Heart Knows Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World

My Heart Knows Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World
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My Heart Knows Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode starts with Godaveri seeing Sampada and calls everyone, telling that she has seen Sampada’s soul. Malhar says I was afraid about this. Kalyani thinks why did Sampada come out of room. Godaveri tells Aao Saheb that she has seen Sampada outside Kaka’s room and don’t know where she has gone. Aao Saheb says how can this be possible, even after Pandit ji doing puja. Malhar tells that they have to reach Kalyani before sampada reaches her. Sampada is hiding. Kalyani acts to be possessed and tells that she will not leave Kalyani. Malhar and others rush to her. Kalyani says she will not leave Kalyani and will kill her. Aao Saheb puts some powder/vabhoot on her forehead. Kalyani pretends to faint. Sampada realizes Kalyani shouted, to divert everyone. Godaveri says how did Sampada reach here so fast. Aao Saheb says she is an aatma/soul and can reach anywhere at anytime. Malhar looks at Kalyani’s hand and thinks there is no injury/belt marks on her hands. Kalyani thinks how can she forget to make marks on her hands.

Aao Saheb, Godaveri and Moksh celebrate holi. Aao Saheb feels bad that Kalyani is not in a condition to play holi with her. Kalyani wakes up and finds her hand cuffed. She asks Malhar to open the handcuff. Malhar applies color on her face and says happy holi. Kalyani says happy holi and asks him to open the handcuff. Malhar tells that Sampada is in her body and until she leaves her body, he will not open the handcuff. Moksh comes and wishes them happy holi. He asks if Aai fi is fine. Malhar says yes. Moksh goes. Kalyani asks him to open her handcuff. Aao Saheb comes there and asks Malhar to send sweets to Pawar’s house too. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that she is Sampada.

My Heart Knows Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World: Sarthak calls Anupriya, but she didn’t pick his clal. Avni comes there and coughs. She asks if he is missing his ex. Sarthak asks why did you come infront of me, I see my mistake in you. Avni says Didi has done so much for you, but you was provoked when I provoked you. Atharv comes there. Sarthak says whatever Atharv and you are doing, will not be successful. Aao Saheb brings chillies smoke to the room to make Sampada go. Kalyani says I am really Kalyani. Malhar says we will not be a fool. Kalyani coughs as Aao saheb gives her smoke of burnt chillies. She thinks to act to be Sampada. She acts and tells that she will not go from Kalyani, but will return to take back Kalyani’s life. She pretends to faint. Aao Saheb asks Malhar, did you see the miracle? Sampada left Kalyani and is not coughing now. Kalyani opens her eyes and asks did I do something, why did you handcuffed me? Aao saheb says we made Sampada go and asks Malhar to free her handcuff. He opens the handcuff and thinks why I have a feeling that you are acting and I want to know why are you doing this?

Later Atharv comes to Avni and puts colors on her head. She asks what is this misbehavior? Atharv says you are foolish and tells that you should have thought before making a idea and says that time Sarthak was talking to Hari, but I managed it. Avni asks what did you do with the watchman? Atharv laughs. Anupriya is walking and coming to the vada, when she finds someone’s shoes and fingers buried..and gets shocked and runs. Avni gets shocked to know that he has killed Hari. Atharv asks her to ask Kalyani how dangerous is he.

Malhar tells Sarthak that he is doubt on Kalyani and says if Sampada beats Kalyani’s body then she shall have some marks on the body. Sarthak says yes. Malhar says I know Kalyani’s intention might be good, but what is she hiding. He goes. Anupriya calls Sarthak.

Malhar comes to Kalyani. Kalyani asks did I do something? Malhar says we have to be careful with Sampada. Kalyani thinks she has to go to meet Sampada.

Precap: Malhar tells Pawar that he feels that Kalyani is acting to be possessed by Sampada and that’s why he put the tracker in her saree. Kalyani comes there and asks Malhar how is she looking? Later he sends Kalyani with Pawar. Pawar informs Kalyani about Malhar’s doubt on her.

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