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My Daughter Durga Thursday 10th March 2022 Adom Tv Update

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 9th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga Thursday 10th March 2022: The Episode begins with Rajveer reproving Durga for concealing like a weakling. Yashpal signs Durga to stop. Rajveer says you are that Durga who sworn not to run of all time. Durga cries. Yashpal says you can’t go leaving us. Durga says you can’t go, please. Sanjay returns home and tosses things. He yells Maa. Woman says its Janmashtami puja going on. Sanjay says Durga will not escape school, this will not occur. Neelkant asks what’s going on, we can talk later.

Sanjay says its required as mum takes all choices. Sanjay’s mum comes there. He says I need to converse with you. She says simply battle can occur out of frustration, not talk. He says you can’t eliminate Durga from school. She asks are you trying me, you realize this house has propensity to hear only my noisy commotion. Sanjay says Durga isn’t a miscreant, don’t eliminate her from school. Neelkant says pay attention to me.

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My Daughter Durga Thursday 10th March 2022: She asks him not to talk in the middle. She says OK, that Durga, Aarti told me, she let me know that young lady is making misconception among you and her, Aarti is my would be bahu, Durga needs to remain away, relations must be kept, her slip-up is Aarti tries to avoid her, you are imperial blood in you, we need to give individuals what they ask at times. She asks him not to get amicable with destitute individuals, its the ideal opportunity for puja, come. Sanjay says I need to check whether Maa consents to Aarti or me.

Durga says if it’s not too much trouble, allow me an opportunity, how is it that I could allow that game to remain throughout everyday life, I lost my name and character as a result of it, my family was offended so a lot, presently I comprehend you, I need to run once more, please. He becomes irate and goes. Annapurna embraces Durga and control center.


Sanjay’s family does the puja and aarti. Sanjay’s mum Gayatri Devi gives 5 crores check to her senior child for his business. She says this is the last opportunity for making name. She gives a ring to her senior bahu. She insults her bahu over dealing with the house liability. She asks Neelkant where is Prince. She figures Prince doesn’t know everything has a period.

My Daughter Durga Thursday 10th March 2022: Sanjay sits eating grapes and says I got everything by you, I have regal blood, I have outrage, contempt and determination of you, you can’t trifle with me, Aarti is only an old buddy for me, assuming you make Durga out of school, I will leave school and sell vegs with Durga. He requests that she choose now. Rajveer comes to Durga and says all of you have made me skilled to get fine, I can walk now, I can track down a spot for myself now. She says you can’t go in this state. Yashpal says you offended us saying you are trouble on us, you pursue a few days. Gayatri says fine, Durga won’t leave school, have prasad now. Sanjay takes prasad and grins.

Sanjay meets Durga and breaks the dahi handi. Gayatri says I need to get your future.


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