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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022 update

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 9th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: The Episode begins with Neelkant saying Gayatri feels somewhat unsure on me, we must be cautious, on the off chance that Gayatri knows this, you don’t have any idea how she will respond, she would have fixed camera here, you can definitely relax, I will track down Rana. Aarti says Rana is missing, Sanjay is furious, I can’t allow him to move away from me. He goes. Gayatri sees them on camera and says I lament, I wish Neelkant gained something from me.

Sanjay stops Aarti and asks what’s up. She shows the letter. He asks what’s this, are you distraught, for what reason are you leaving school. She gets out whatever’s the utilization to remain here on the off chance that I don’t have your kinship, its very devil for me, my fantasies will break, its fine, perhaps I get your pardoning. He says OK, more pixie than that, alright, amazing, you gave me smart thought, and I have pardoned you, I will leave. He says now is the right time to demonstrate Durga’s companionship is very pixie to me than my life. She thinks what is Sanjay upto.

Durga and Sanjay come to class and get situated. He says I won’t leave without your pardoning. Durga figures how will Sanjay respond. Gayatri does the puja and feels something wrong is going on. Sanjay goes to make Durga’s name understood. Neelkant goes to find Rana before any other individual gets him. Senior bahu remembers to counter Gayatri. Gayatri gives aarti to everybody.

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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: Shilpa sees the food and figures who will eat this bubbled food. Durga comes and sees the food. Yashpal additionally eats a similar food. Sheela and Shilpa stress. Durga asks where is their food. Yashpal says its nourishment for us all, we will likewise uphold you thusly, you are making large stride for town, we can likewise contribute. Shilpa says I can’t see such food, I will not eat. Yashpal says simply this food will be made in house now.

They all have food. Durga says endowments are fine for me, you make your fav nourishment for yourself from tomorrow. Dadi says Durga is correct, she is more reasonable. Durga grins.

Durga awakens and sees time. She regards herself as tied. Yashpal comes and gets stunned. Rajveer comes and prevents him from opening ropes. He says I need to check whether she has that mental fortitude in her, she will open the ropes herself. Annapurna and Amrita come and look on. Yashpal signs them. Durga liberates herself from the ropes. Rajveer goes. Durga grins.

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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: She prepares and comes out. Rajveer tosses grimy water on her. Rajveer gets out whatever happened today, you were talking grandiose things, you are 10mins late, even a second is important for a competitor, you are much late, you come for preparing when you esteem time. He goes. Yashpal says its cutoff, I will converse with him, you would have late in the event that he didn’t tied you. She says no, he needs to see fire in me, I will show my energy. He goes to Rajveer and says will you exercise in one day, outrage here and there emerges as well of lava, give rest to your body. Rajveer sees food and says I can’t eat the food which I can’t allow my understudy to eat, remove this. Yashpal says you have all characteristics of a demon, you inconvenience her a ton. Rajveer asks what. Yashpal doesn’t say anything. Rajveer says leave Durga’s preparation on me.

Gayatri says our connection will be profound, come clean to me, there won’t be any cheat. Durga becomes more acquainted with about Sanjay.


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