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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Saturday 12th March 2022 update

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 9th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Saturday 12th March 2022: The Episode begins with everybody commending the dahi handi celebration. Durga’s companions say our Durga will run. The gatherings come. The primary gathering makes a pyramid. Bantu trips the pyramid. Bantu and SRK attempt once more. Shilpa says on the off chance that SRK loses this time, I won’t allow him to go into house. Sheela says I figure this time he will lose the house, I won’t allow Durga to win. Manohar says I don’t figure they can win, Durga the hero will break dahi handi, she is the pride of our town. The young ladies bunch come. Manohar says let Durga come and afterward see, where is Durga.

Amrita says its enjoyable to see Durga breaking matki. She hears sound and sees Rajveer fallen. Rajveer picks the drugs with trouble. Amrita helps Rajveer and expresses out loud whatever’s the need to open clinical store, don’t lie, I have seen this myself. She chides him and does the guide to his injury. He says its not required. She says we need to call specialist assuming you do this, rests. Rajveer checks her out. He says you are Durga’s sister Amrita right. She says OK.

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He says Durga used to jabber about you, I need to get fine, Durga’s training is beginning tomorrow. She says you will get fine, take rest now. She goes. Durga comes to break the matki. She climbs the pyramid. Shilpa says I will perceive the way she breaks matki. Shilpa adds oil in the water pail. She tosses on the gathering. They the entire tumble down. Durga attempts once more. Everybody applauds Durga. Shilpa pours water on her.

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Saturday 12th March 2als moved to break matki together. Durga sees Sanjay.

Gayatri is in a capacity. A man gets some information about Sanjay. She says these age folks don’t comprehend puja customs, I don’t compress them. She thinks where is Prince. An industralist informs her concerning his work and requests that she help. She helps the industrialist.

He helps her. She won’t take cash from him. Neelkant gets a call and requests that the hooligan track down Rana, in the event that he kicked the bucket, get his dead body and show me. Gayatri looks on. She stops her senior bahu and says I m much harmed when something is stowed away from me in my home, did you figure I don’t have a clue about this, I distinguish genuine and counterfeit people, won’t I recognize genuine and counterfeit rings. She gives her the phony ring. Neelkant looks on. Gayatri insults her bahu, and sees Neelkant. Bahu says the ring was tight so I thought… ..Gayatri says I will not ask any explanation, I will meet you tomorrow, you need to proceed to apologize for transgression in sanctuary. She goes.

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Sanjay says everybody will say Durga lost. Durga says I will break my record, you will not get my absolution. He says pardon me quick, else you will lose my valuable kinship and this Matki. She says I don’t need your kinship, leave my hand. Everybody applauds Durga. Sanjay and Durga hit the Matki together and break it. The pyramid tumbles down. Sanjay holds Durga and holds the rope. Yashpal requests that somebody save them, get a stepping stool. Sanjay and Durga descend. The man says Sanjay saved Durga.

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Saturday 12th March 2022: Yashpal says thanks to Sanjay and says you saved her. Sanjay says don’t express profound gratitude, I ought to be upset for misconception Durga, sorry for that day, I got rowdy with you, I would have not known her reality. Yashpal says its OK. Durga says no compelling reason to pay attention to him, come. Sanjay clicks her pic and grins.

Gayatri pours water on her bahu’s head and says I want to believe that you recall today. Sanjay and Sam contend and get into a battle. Durga looks on and stresses.


022: Durga tumbles down once more. Sanjay comes there and says Matki will break when Krishna comes. Durga reviews his words. Go govinda… ..plays… … Sanjay and Durga race to the pyramid and climb. Shilpa takes a stab at making them fall. Sanjay and Durga arrive at the highest point of the pyramid. He holds her hand. Manohar says its the initial time, that two individu

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