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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Monday 14th March 2022 update

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 9th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Monday 14th March 2022: Sanjay creates a beguiling message and demands that she answer that she has pardoned him. He creates I have helped you two times, by saving your life and insult. Durga answers he will not get exonerating. He answers its incredible, your demeanor will change soon. She gets detached. He assumes atleast the issue went ahead and smiles.

Annapurna requests the name from individual who saved her life. Durga says he didn’t extra my life. Annapurna says you would have hurt, he helped you, offer sweets to that individual in school.

Gayatri plans and goes to her bahu. She reproves her for the stunt and says even Lord is bothered with you. She pours cold water on her head. She demands that her bahu support channel to Naagdevta. The worker takes off her shoe. Gayatri demands that her bahu go at this point.

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Durga stirs and sees time. She plans and starts things out floor. Durga invites Yashpal. He says I will get tea for you. She sees the time 5.30am. Rajveer throws a bucket of water on her. They get shocked. Durga says I was ready, at this point… . Rajveer throws cold water on her again and says weak people defend, time will not hold on for you, in case you revere her, make her demonstration kitchen, don’t send her for planning. He throws more water on Durga.

Yashpal asks what did she do now. Rajveer demands that Durga answer yes or no, with no yet. She says OK. He says champions are not such, they are upset and excited, they see nothing than the race and ultimate objective, essentially get that energy and after that we will examine planning. Durga says I have excitement to contact finishing line at first, I will fight with everyone and even you, but I will not lose. He says first fight with yourself, go on schedule, by then we will talk. He goes.

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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Monday 14th March 2022: Durga comes to school. Sam gets some data about treats. She says its Janmashtami prasad. He takes the carton. She says its not so much for you. He demands whom is this by then? She sees Sanjay coming. Sam says I will see him. Sanjay says these blooms are for you, not Durga. Sam asks are you distressed, are you gay. Sanjay smiles and gives up, Durga is my buddy, so my’s friend is moreover my sidekick, so I got this for you. Sam throws the blooms and says stop your nonsense, Durga needn’t bother with your association, leave from here.


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