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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Friday 11th March 2022 update

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 9th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Friday 11th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Gayatri requesting Prince. Neelkant says he doesn’t rest without getting a hair rub by you. She goes to meet Sanjay. Sanjay embraces her. He requests that she show the sorcery of her hands quick. He lies in her lap. She rubs his hair. He says for what reason accomplish you work so a lot, outrage stops by rest jumble. She says you stay furious when you have great rest, I have diamonds and property business, I m doing this for you, I need to get your future, I love you a ton. He says I know, Durga was telling me… . She asks when will you wed Aarti, she cherishes you a ton. He says I like Aarti, yet as a companion, I think something is missing, I didn’t see her as soul mate. She says get hitched, don’t think a lot. She says I m inclination tired. She goes.

He thinks I need to cause Durga to pardon me and break dahi handi. He reviews Durga’s words. Umang converses with Durga. She reviews Sanjay and says just I will break the matki, none can break my record, you see this tomorrow. Sanjay comes there. She sees him and gets stunned. She asks him for what good reason did he come. He quiets down. He shows her Gulel and shows his ideal point by hitting at the pot. She says I came to show what will occur with you tomorrow. She requests that he head off to some place else. He says I came to apologize, you can’t improve companion, I can demonstrate that. She asks how. He says I saved you from affront.

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She asks which affront, you became frantic. He says you will come and I will break your record, I counsel you not to come tomorrow. She giggles and says I m not keen on your fantasies, none can make me lose, you don’t come, you will get offended to lose to a young lady. He holds her and says you have won till now as I hadn’t arrived, yet presently I have come Miss Radha. She asks who Radha, I go by Durga. He says I m Krishna and you are Radha. He goes. She says he generally says gibberish.

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Friday 11th March 2022 : Sanjay’s sibling requests that his significant other continue to wear the apparatus, else mum will feel terrible. She says its stinging me, think what you need, I will tell her. She cries. Neelkant says Gayatri doesn’t have any idea how we managed Durga 5 years prior, assuming that she knows our reality, you don’t have the foggiest idea what can occur. Aarti says I can’t bear Durga in school, I needed to converse with her. He says quiet down, we don’t have Rana, assuming that Gayatri knows our arrangement, she can’t endure this. Gayatri comes and asks whose name… . They get stunned.

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Durga keeps a banner as start point and runs. She stops and gets stunned seeing thugs. Thugs reprimand her for demolishing town name once more. She says I need to clear that stain, none can prevent me from running, let me practice. Hooligans undermine her and giggle. Yashpal and Rajveer look on. Yashpal says now she will assault them like harmed tigress. Durga tricks the thugs and runs. Thugs follow her. Durga gets saved from them and prods. Rajveer comes there.

My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Friday 11th March 2022:Gayatri does tilak to Aarti and asks what error did she do. Aarti says uncle was asking me not to outrage Sanjay, I fouled up to pester him. Gayatri says Neelkant began talking reasonable things, Aarti I thought you comprehend Sanjay well, I lament this didn’t occur, I m going to interface your connection, figure out how to tie him, on the off chance that he flies once, you will not get him close by. Her senior bahu keeps hand behind and requests that they eat. Gayatri requests that Aarti go along. Rajveer takes the banner and tosses it far. He shows the imprint and says you need to run till there multiple times, ceaselessly, you can accept this as instructional meeting. Durga says my preparation. Rajveer says concentration and really buckle down, recollect 5am morning. She grins. Yashpal looks on and grins. Durga welcomes somebody going in Krishna’s getup and expresses gratitude toward Lord.

Sanjay and Durga race to break the matki. Yashpal finds Durga restricted. Rajveer prevents him from aiding Durga.


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