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Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021 :The episode starts with Shaurya saying alright, I will not accept this incomplete relationship, you don’t need this Sindoor, you don’t appreciate it correctly, I will delete it, say the truth, otherwise you will see me dead. Anokhi shouted no. He asked who to force you to do this, tell me. He shouted Mr. Sir. He cried and hugged Shaurya. He said I can’t see you destroyed, I don’t want to see you lose everything, you will lose everything if I’m with you, sorry. Shaurya cries.

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Anokhi said I couldn’t stay away from your family, I did this for you and our love. He pushed him. He asked how dare you blame Tej like this. Aastha comes to campus. Shagun met him. He said I didn’t understand Anokhi, why Shaurya was so disturbed. Aastha says it’s better to leave it alone.

Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021:Shagun said she was in the cabin. Aastha said I knew, where Shaurya was. Shagun said Anokhi fainted on campus, so Shaurya went to drop it, I didn’t know what he did. Aastha answered.

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Shaurya asks is your marriage, whether this relationship is only yours, who you ask to end this relationship. Anokhi said sorry. He said you agree with TEJ easily, will you donate me, Devi and Shagun will also come to ask me, will you give me too, you better, sorry, why you don’t stay strong, I’m surprised you are very weak, the girl It used to fight for each right, you don’t fight for your love, you choose an easy way, you give up. He pushed him. Shagun said that Shaurya went to drop Anokhi, did not know what he was doing, he was always with him.

Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021:Shaurya said you really destroyed my heart, I didn’t feel very bad when Mum left me, you can’t do anything for your love. He said sorry. He said I’m sorry, I can’t tolerate this, I really love you anokhi, I won’t love someone else, how can I stay with someone like that who can’t stand love, you can’t even decide on you. He pushed him and said don’t touch me, I’ll go forever, from your life. He left and locked the door. He cried and asked him to open the door. Babi home. He said I came to take my phone, I have heard and saw everything, what did you do, you should talk about it. Anokhi said what I could do, I did this for Shaurya. Babi asks why you lost this opportunity to get your love. Shaurya is on its way. Dev said Shaurya did not return until now. Tej said the Anokhi chapter was over, I trusted my plan. He said I would call Shaurya. He said no, he had a heartbreak, gave him time. He said I was worried at him. He asked Kanchan where Shaurya was. Kanchan said no, I would not tell you even if I knew. He goes. Devi asks if you hear Kanchan, I will see it well. Tej asked what happened. Devi said I was worried for something wrong.

Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021:Ahir said that Shaurya called us here. Shaan and Aastha came and said he called us too. Babi said he was angry when Anokhi told him the truth. Aastha asks what truth is. Babi tells them. Aastha said sheaan, I was afraid, they tried to do the same thing with Shaurya. Shaan said I won’t sit still, I’ll talk to Tej. Shaurya comes and says no need, it doesn’t matter, come, I’ll tell you. Aastha asks what you will do. Shaurya said marriage. Shaan asked Shagun. Aastha said because you were upset with anokhi. Shaurya said no, I would marry Anokhi again, he would make a great sacrifice for our love, I realized that he really loved him, I couldn’t leave it, I had not to let him go, so I

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