Mismatched Tuesday 7th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Tuesday 7th December 2021:The episode begins with Anokhi departing from college. Thugs followed. He will be afraid and running. Thugs catch. Shaurya is on the way. Thugs kidnap Anokhi and bring it inside the car. cries she leave me. Shaurya hear his voice and said maybe someone in trouble. Alok call goon. Anokhi say I do not have the money, why did you kidnap me. goon who asked him to get silence. He yelled help me please. Thugs tie. Shaurya car chase them. Anokhi turned out to see. Shaurya goes ahead and stop them. Anokhi see Shaurya. Thugs get Anokhi out. Shaurya see him. Shaurya go for help. He shouted at the bad guys. Goon ask who you are to scare us. Shaurya says leave it. Goon says you have a problem, see here. He touched Anokhi.Shaurya angry and beat them. Alok come and say how Shaurya came here, I could not even stop them in front of Shaurya, where Devi stop me. Goon said do not come forward, the other I will cut his throat. Alok leaves. Shaurya says I will give you what you want, do not do anything against him. Goon asked who he was for you, get out of here. Shaurya got a gun from his car. He shot in the air. He pointed a gun at the thugs.Goon push Anokhi him. Thugs leave in their cars. Shaurya and Anokhi see each other. Marhami sa … .jo meri manzilon …. drama … He opened the laces. He says I can not imagine, you can be so stupid. He asked what I was going. He says you will be alone on the road, anything can happen there, you can see anyone, whether you want to fall apart, if you are feeling adventurous. He said no, I will go home. She could not ask him to speak bus or taxi. He said there may always be, he could not afford a taxi. He says you have reason always, you join the canteen. He said you do not know how much I’m paid there, you will not understand. He says you’re always in trouble. He asks why you are always there. They argue.He asks her to understand, no matter the girl, the problem of the mentality bad, why are not safe for girls, did anyone ask you not to go out at night, every girl will tease you, no, true, but this fear is filled in our minds, thanks for the help. She asked where you’d be alone. He asked would I stay here until morning to go safely. He said stop nonsense, sitting in the car, I’ll drop you. He said no. He asks why. He said that you thought was a problem, you think every girl needs support. He asked how you could decide it. He asks how you can decide that I will go with you. He said said you wanted to go with those special people, you have to come with me, I do not have time for nonsense. She asks him to come home, he has a habit to leave someone in trouble, he does not feel guilty, he did not disclose. He says yes, get in the car, come. She holds him. He felt hurt. He said sorry, this is not my intention to hurt you, I say when I’m really sorry, I’m not going to take a minute to say sorry, I’m sorry, I would never want to hurt you on purpose, if you do not have pain. He said not much. She thinks I’m late, Aastha will be waiting for me. She checked the phone off and told me I have to go now.

Mismatched Tuesday 7th December 2021:Shaurya say think that you are punishing me for my mistake. He went to sit down. He asks her to sit down. They go. She thought maybe she was hurt, she was still crying. Anokhi said drop me to the main road, I’ll go from there, the people there. He said that you think people will have a look at me with your problems. He said Aastha will be there. He was asked what he would do. She said I ca

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