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Mismatched Tuesday 14th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Tuesday 14th December 2021 Starlife: The episode begins with Reema ask to speak with Shaurya Anokhi. Anokhi refused to take his help. He saw Ahir and ask what you’re doing here. He said that I came to give you an update, I think you go to Kapurthala. He says I have an exam. He said we would catch the thugs soon. He thanked him. He said I’ll drop you. He said thank you, your car’s official, I can not sit down, I have no official reason today, I’m going, I do not want to be a burden on anyone. He goes.

Shaurya think thank God Anokhi came to give his exam, which is ridiculous to leave campus for a simple thing, why I thought. Aastha and Shaan ask Anokhi how the exam. Anokhi cry. Shaan says you can do better next time. Anokhi said they said I was cheating, but it is not true, the disciplinary committee will take action against me. Aastha says I know, you can not cheat. Shaan asks him to say in detail. He told them. Shaurya says he is a bright student, he had to learn here. Shaan said I would speak to Alok. Anokhi said not to, I’m leaving the campus by any means. Aastha says you have to prove themselves innocent. Shaan says yes, you have to fight one. He said I’m tired of the fight, do not say anything to anyone.

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Mismatched Tuesday 14th December 2021 Starlife: in morning, Anokhi meet Tej and provide college leave application. He wanted her mark in TC. Tej refused. He asks why. He said they had prepared a letter for you. Shaan come. Anokhi read the blame on the behavior and fraud. He read that he got rusticated. He said I was not cheating, they have falsely accused me, you can not stay in my village like this. Shaan contend with Tej and call it the wrong decision. Anokhi said Kitty, Bebo, teachers and Alok framing me. Tej asks him to stay in bounds. He said I do not want to fight, I just want to TC, I will go. Tej said gave him TC, said he rusticated. Shaan says the future.Tej say I do not have time to think. He asked to take Anokhi Alok out. Shaan ask Tej to think once.

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Mismatched Tuesday 14th December 2021 Starlife:Shaurya come to college. He collided with Anokhi. Paper falls. He says I can not say anything, you are a rising star of our class, congratulations. He asks why, to get rusticated, you have to win again. He says I do not know what you say, I’m hoping you, you peak in the classroom, I’m happy for you, congratulations. He says I got a letter rustication to blame cheating. He sees signs of Tej on paper. He asked what nonsense, I do not know it. She asked how you could not know about it, what your college, your family decision. He said one, you have to fight. He said no, I would. He asks why you are going. He said that it is better for me. He stopped and said you are not going anywhere, I will not let you go, come with me, names SIAC will also get crushed by this. Alok message Anokhi Devi left. Shaurya came to meet Tej. Tej say you do not go to Patiala. Shaurya say well I do not go away and come here, I know you rusticating Anokhi, it could not happen, he has occupied in the classroom, how do you not consult me ​​before taking this step, I still am part of this management, canceling rustication the. Tej asks what you say, it’s also for the girl, who troubled you a lot. Shaurya says I’m only defending the truth, not Anokhi, he had no reason to cheat. Shaan says we are not fair to her. Alok said that as we were cheating. Shaurya telling the truth, things like her, we were cheating, you can not stay in the village every student for cheating, we might fail or hold them, we all know this, Tej also know this, we could not get past the destruction of a person, which is not fair, does anyone have any doubt, then the appropriate investigation should have been done, it was the wrong decision. Tej shouted Shaurya, what do you you think. Shaurya says I interact with Anokhi, I know him;

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