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My Heart Knows Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee World

My Heart Knows Thursday 9th December 2021
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My Heart Knows Thursday 2nd December 2021 :The Episode starts with Malhar thinking of Waiter talking about Sampada and gets sad while being in the Mumbai Police station. He gets info from a Constable that there is a bomb in Mangal Das Mall. Terrorist keeps bomb in the baby carrier silently. Kalyani picks the same baby carrier and makes baby sit in it after wearing it. Malhar calls Kalyani. She picks the call and finds her battery low. Malhar thinks why she is rejecting my call and then finds her phone off. He gets angry and leaves with his Police team. Sampada and Atharv are in the mall still. Atharv asks her to leave all the stuff which they stole and tells that he has a feeling that Malhar is here. ]

Sampada says my son is here. Anupriya takes auto to go there. Kalyani is happy with the baby and says they have their own ride now. She tells that when he grows up, she will bring the big carrier, in which he has to take her. She is about to slip, but holds herself. Police comes there and tells that there can be a bomb here. Atharv asks Sampada to come. Sampada says my baby. Police team asks them to cooperate and says they need to check everyone. They ask the people in the mall not to panic and cooperate as bomb squad are here. Kalyani is still having the baby carrier. The bomb squad checks Atharv, Sampada and others in the mall. They check kalyani when the bomb detector detects the bomb.

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 The bomb squad tells that the bomb is here. Kalyani is shocked and asks how can it be here. He removes the cloth and the bomb is shown. Malhar is on the way. Sandeep, the Police officer tells that the bomb is found in the baby carrier. Malhar gets worried for his baby. Sampada tells that she can’t go without her baby. Kalyani tells that she has worn the baby carrier now itself and tells that she don’t baby and her to die.

My Heart Knows Thursday 2nd December 2021 :Anupriya is stopped by the Police who tells that the bomb is found in the mall. Anupriya runs inside fooling them. Sampada refuses to go. Atharv asks her to come. Kalyani asks the bomb squad if he knows how to diffuse the bomb. Baby cries. The bomb squad asks her not to make the baby move. Atharv asks Sampada to come else he will leave. Sampada has no option than to go behind Atharv. Kalyani asks the bomb squad to stop. She asks him to get Billu out of the bag and then cut the wire. Bomb squad says we don’t have much time. Atharv says this girl is mad, but don’t be bad. Malhar reaches there and hears Kalyani asking bomb squad to take the baby out of the carrier and send him away. She sees Malhar and says Malhar ji.

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Sampada is about to fall, but Malhar holds her. Sampada looks at him. Malhar calls her Mata ji and asks her to leave. Atharv and Sampada run out from there along with the other people. Kalyani tells Malhar that she didn’t know from where the bomb came, just brought it just now. Malhar says they will take the baby out. Kalyani says they are not listening. Malhar asks them to take the baby out first. Bomb squad says we have to keep weight equivalent to baby’s weight. Malhar takes the baby and gives to lady constable and asks her to give the baby to Constable Sandeep. The bomb timer runs faster. Bomb squad says it is running fast. Malhar comes back to Kalyani. Bomb squad says bomb timer is running with double speed, we have just 3 mins left. Malhar is tensed.


Sampada regrets to elope with Atharv. Atharv says you were not a small baby to listen to me, and says it was your decision to leave the baby. Sampada says it was my mistake and cries. Atharv says you are right, we have promised to stay with each other, and says we shall be thankful that Malhar didn’t know about us. Sampada says don’t know why Malhar gave my baby to Kalyani who can’t take care of herself and says how she will take care of baby. She calls her fool not to know about the bomb.

My Heart Knows Thursday 2nd December 2021 : Atharv gets angry and says hell with Malhar, Kalyani and your baby. He says we have to stay as dead in people’s eyes if we want to be alive and asks her to make herself understand that they shall not come in front of Malhar. Anupriya sees Billu and takes her with her. Constable tells her that Kalyani is inside as the baby carrier with bomb was in it. Anupriya tells that she will go inside and bring her. Constable says you can’t go.

Precap: Kalyani pushes the bomb squad and runs out. Malhar is shocked and runs behind her in the jeep asking her to stop. Kalyani says no Malhar ji. She says she can’t risk his life and asks him to go from there. Malhar still follows her in the jeep.


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