Mismatched Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife

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Mismatched Sunday 5th December 2021: his career. Anokhi asks how about your life. Babi said I did not meet the requirements or dare like you. Ahir comes. Vineet mocked him. Anokhi said he was my Jiju. Ahir asks why you called, is everything alright. Babi signed him. Anokhi said the IMP problem had come, now it’s

over. Ahir asks if you cover it. Anokhi said yes. He said I could help. He said I would tell you if there are some problems.He argued with wine. He asks where your sister is. Vineet said he did not meet everyone, the nature of both sisters was different. He goes. Ahir asked Anokhi to rest. Shaurya came and saw them together. Ahir saw it. Anokhi Thank you Ahir. Ahir left. Shaurya asks how you feel, do you finish the test. Anokhi says you will be happy to know that I’m fine or not, you’re not interested in hearing other people, you leave the middle of the road. He said you always insulted someone else. They argue.

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He asks if you will study in this state. He said I would meet Aastha, I respect him. He said be careful and leave. Vineet got anokhi bag and asked him to leave, otherwise he would call the police. He said next time, I’ll take my sister. Babi cries seeing it. Anokhi ran to hug him. He asked him to handle his life, he had to change his life. He said I would take you from here. He asked Babi to be careful. He goes.

Mismatched Sunday 5th December 2021 : Aastha and Anokhi settled in Flat. Aastha asks why you look worried, whether your family has a problem with your stay here. Anokhi said no, you should take medicine, I will study today. Aastha asked him to go to college as he was fine. Anokhi said I would make tea.

Aastha said go and sit there, I’ll make tea. They laugh. Shaurya came there to meet Aastha. Maai …plays … he apologizes to him. He said we made a bit of a big problem and had hope, implance. Aastha said I didn’t understand. He said I would explain, don’t have an assumption, I’ll make it very clear, I’m not your son, I’m sorry, how do I talk to you, nothing will change, there’s a story behind those words, our story can be the end happy. Aastha cries. Shaurya said you thought you were right, my father thought he was right, he only supports you, who I am in this story, no one cares about me, it’s okay.

Anokhi mocked him. He said I can’t change my perception of you. He said I really didn’t care, keep your mind on yourself, I have to go. Aastha stopped her. He thanked him. He said my son had asked me something for the first time, I forgive you, thank you. Shaurya asked Anokhi not to drag everything. He said no need to go to college until you were fine, he would not have a problem of attendance or notes, there would be peace in college. Anokhi said I would go to college regularly from tomorrow. He goes.

Mismatched Sunday 5th December 2021 : Tej asked why Shaurya didn’t come, I had to talk to him about new colleges. Alok asked him to tell him. Tej said Shaurya would handle this. Alok asks why, you need experienced men like me, Shaurya has many things that happen here. Tej said I thought about this to make it away from Aastha and Anokhi. Alok said Aastha will return, I think Anokhi won’t stay long. Shaurya came and said you called me, sorry, my cellphone was silent. Tej said you found a good professor in your place, you will manage our new college branch. Shaurya thinks. Tej asked what the problem was, there was no thanks or smiling. Shaurya said thank you. Alok asks what is on your mind, tell me. He thinks saying you are not interested in going there. He said you could refuse if you want.

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