Mismatched Sunday 12th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Sunday 12th December 2021 Starlife: The episode begins with Anokhi look suspect. Shaurya come there. Ahir said that when you come here for any reason, tell me why you came. Shaurya said I came here to follow up the case. Ahir said that we do the same thing, Anokhi see the culprit. Shaurya says I’m too involved, you should call me. Ahir said I’ll call you later, Anokhi is a victim, it is right to identify them first, you leave a special tea and go, your desire to stay back or away.

Anokhi away to identify. Ahir asked what to do, the solids. Shaurya say my profession, we always maintain personal and professional life. Ahir said the same pinch you. Anokhi Ahir asked about thugs. Alok startled. He asked what they were caught. Devi ask anyone, anyone from the thugs who attacked Anokhi. Alok nodded. Devi said that they can contact you. He said no, I was not there, thugs will help me this time. Devi said that we have respect for the community, what if Tej know this, fix everything. Gayatri come and see.

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Anokhi said their faces covered, so it is difficult to identify. Shaurya asked to recall their descriptions. She said yes, the man’s hands had scorpion tattooed on his hand. Ahir show the bad guys with the same tattoo. Anokhi said he was the one, he caught me. He became strained. Ahir asked him to calm down, he need not worry. He said these people will help us reach another thug.

Mismatched Sunday 12th December 2021 Starlife: Shaurya says I hope soon. Ahir ask Anokhi to have water. Shaurya angry and left. Ahir said he left the tea again, we will soon catch thugs, believe in yourself and do not lose. She said I would come, but you have to give me time, I shifted back to Kapurthala. Alok concerns. Gayatri Devi asked what was said. He asked him to leave. He said maybe I could help. He goes.

Aastha care for Anokhi. Anokhi said one goon caught. Aastha says other thugs also be trapped. Anokhi said I’ll be back. Aastha says you take a lot of pain to reach here, you want to ruin your hard work. He asked Anokhi to change his decision. Anokhi remind Shaurya words. Shaurya thought. He said I’ll give you a test and go, I’m going to prove him wrong by scoring the highest value, then we will go. Aastha smile.

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Shaurya says many students come and go, I do not care, what is special about this girl. Anokhi studies. Aastha asked her to drink milk. Shaurya says he is a good student, so I challenged him to give a test, whether he would take on the challenge, how he could leave the campus. Devi saw. Anokhi said I should get the best value for leave SIAC with much honor.

Mismatched Sunday 12th December 2021 Starlife: Shaurya said I was thinking of a new campus. He told you much work. She talked to him and he called Anokhi. She said Anokhi not like me. Devi think I knew he was worried because Anokhi. She said Anokhi stupid, why Tej took the interview. Shaurya says it’s okay. She said no, she had been bothering you and us all, will I speak with Tej about him when you say it. He said it was too late for me now. He asked her to not think about her. He says his name Anokhi Bhalla. Devi angry. That morning, Tej ask Shaurya to make a routine to visit Patiala branch. Shaurya ask, can I go tomorrow, I’ve got some work on campus.

Tej based Anokhi. Shaurya ask Anokhi not to go, he will take care of everything.


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