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Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Saturday 25th December 2021: The Episode begins with Anokhi and Babli stowing away and leaving. Vineet searches for Babli. Devi says nobody will enlighten the police regarding ruffians. Tej says hijackers could be risky, they might do anything with Shaurya. She says give them anything they need, nothing ought to happen to Shaurya. Tej says we need to take police help, I definitely approve of giving cash, on the off chance that Shaurya sees face of one of them, ruffians will get terrified and how will they respond. Devi asks him not to say that. Alok says pay attention to me, perhaps assuming that we include the police, criminals can know, Shaurya’s life can fall in harm’s way. Devi says we won’t advise anything to police, give them any sum, I need my child back, don’t place his life in peril by including police. Aastha says she is correct, I concur with her. Anokhi consoles Babli.

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what’s more guides to her injury. Babli cries. Anokhi embraces her. She says you won’t remain with Vineet, you had endured a ton, you give separation to Vineet. Tej says hijackers aren’t Shaurya’s companions, we need to take police help.
Shaan says no, Devi and Aastha are saying right, we will give cash and get Shaurya back. Tej says I expected something similar from you, you are quitters like these ladies. Shaan says when its regarding a youngster, each mum falls frail and father gets terrified, tell me, when to pull out cash. Tej says I will deal with cash, its my assurance to get Shaurya home by including police. Shaan says we can’t pardon you assuming that anything happens to Shaurya. Tej says I m saying it right. Anokhi says you can acquire all alone. Babli says family regard is additionally pixie, cash isn’t all that matters, check out Rama, she is enduring since numerous years. Anokhi says we won’t misstep the same way. Babli says father, family members.. Anokhi says let them say anything, will they come and get pounded rather you, they simply ponder yourself. Babli says divorced person doesn’t get regard.

Mismatched Saturday 25th December 2021:Anokhi says take a gander at Aastha, she is a divorced person, I regard her a ton. Babli says a lady is held liable in a separation. Anokhi says its your slip-up to endure this and stow away from family, assuming you told them, then, at that point, Vineet would lack energized, I won’t allow you to endure now. Vineet searches for Anokhi and Babli. Yash comes and cautions him. He says don’t act mischievously with my significant other. He sees Anokhi’s pic on Vineet’s telephone. Vineet says I will not get frightened. Yash says who is he, how can he know Anokhi. Anokhi says you’re not powerless. Babli says I don’t have a lot of boldness. Anokhi says you are solid. She empowers Babli. Babli cries and embraces. Anokhi says quiet down, don’t cry, we will talk later. Tej illuminates the police. Shaan says even later we clarified you, you didn’t tune in and informed the police. Tej says I didn’t think that you are correct, its my obligation first, I will do what I observe right, hoodlums can’t be trusted. Shaan says they are some plastered individuals who need cash for liquor, hijackers would know total assets of Shaurya, they just asked 10 lakhs. Tej says let me handle this, trust me, I won’t allow anything wrong to occur with my child. Shaan gets a call. Hijacker asks is the cash prepared.

Mismatched Saturday 25th December 2021:Shaan says make me converse with Shaurya first, cash is prepared, I won’t give you cash until I hear his voice. Ruffian says I will make you meet him, I will let you know where to get the cash, hang tight for my call. Tej says its great, call will be followed, police will get area. Shaan says you have time till morning. Tej says I trust myself and police, go about your responsibilities, persuade your hearts that Shaurya will get back securely. Vineet is the hijacker. He sees Shaurya. He says I will get my 10 lakhs, he will get opportunity tomorrow. He requests that his man give him food. The man says you ought to have asked 50 lakhs, Shaurya is rich. Vineet says I don’t need more cash, insatiability is back, I requested 10 lakhs to pay advance. The man says we can expand deliver. Vineet says I need to end this matter here, be cheerful in the thing you are getting. Shaan takes the cash. Alok says we have the note series, the offender will be gotten, the tracker is additionally fixed. Tej says we ought to get Shaurya and furthermore get the offenders. Shagun asks Devi not to stress. Devi says we can’t take a break.

Shaurya is abducted by Vineet. He battles and tumbles down the seat.


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