Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife: The episode begins with Anokhi who say I care for it. Babli say you’ve changed, you tense at every little thing. Anokhi asked what I should do, something or the other keeps on happening. He said Aastha has done so much for me, I will go back and study in our skin, Shaurya think he would ruin my courage, he would be proven wrong. Babli said sorry, I should be the courage, but I failed. Vineet came and scolded him. Anokhi warned him not bothersome Babli. He told my friend, ACP Ahir know your deeds, he will be watching you. He asked Babi to be careful. She hugged him and left.

Anokhi come to college. He saw all the people there. He sat sad and talking to himself about his dream and hope to break up. Shaurya come. He asked the students to go to their classes. Anokhi reminiscent of the words. He asks why you feel bad, you are proven wrong, you are truly works of art, you go to report a crime I in the right place, the ACP can not do anything, so you tell Shaan. He goes. He fell and cried. He stopped and went to help him. He asked her to go, she did not want to talk to him.

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He asks why you’re overreacting, I will get water. He pushed him. He asks how can you make me feel guilty. He says you broke the courage and my dreams, I have to tolerate a lot to learn in college, my goal is to learn here. It’s a big problem to call a person without character. He said you say things like that, I used to respect you when you saved me from thugs, I thought you cared about me, you want to protect.

Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife: Shaurya says it’s okay, you think I look like a sadist. He said that words have the power to create something and break something, such as the words you have destroyed me, I left the lecture you, I do not want to study here, if the management listen to me, you would think I also have contact with them. . He goes. Teachers stop Shaurya and asked him to set the economic paper. Shaurya say what happened to me. Anokhi and Reema speak. Reema asks how you will provide a test tomorrow. Anokhi said I would go, I can study anywhere I want to. They went to class. Shaurya says I will not be able to take a class now, you will hold the exam tomorrow, anyone could come to me to talk if need be, be careful. Shaurya go and stop Anokhi. He asked Reema to forgive them.

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Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife: Reema says sorry sir. He goes. Shaurya stop Anokhi and saying you can not leave campus. She said I would go from here, I do not want to stay here with your bad thoughts. He says do not act smart, your excuse is that you can not pass the exam, you do not belong here, you can not handle standard, otherwise you’re not going to go from here. They argue. He asked her to think again and say nothing. He got a call Ahir. He is angry. He said I had just come. He went and met Ahir. He asks how you came here, if everything is fine. Ahir said I came here to meet a police informant, he caught several suspects, can you come to the police station to identify the suspect. She went with him. Shaurya see. She said she taught me what was wrong I said.

Tej based Anokhi. Shaurya stopped him and said you’re not going to go anywhere, I’ll handle it. He asks why you want to stop me.


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