Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
Written by Tellypings

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021 Starlife: The episode began with Shaurya said the exam was held in college. He made work reasons and left. Devi is worried. Alok will come out of your hand. Devi said you shouldn’t call thugs. Alok said sorry, I will fix it. He said this time, did it as I said, what happened to the thug, whether the Goon was caught and revealed the name. Ahir tried to make a gone talking. He called Anokhi. He sent an audio message to another. He said he didn’t reply to a message, did he go to Kapurthala. Shaurya meets his students. He is looking for anokhi. He made a quick announcement. Maya asks questions. Shaurya thinks of anokhi. He thought I didn’t hear it. He said a good question, can anyone answer it. Reema answers. He thinks how to find out. Anokhi came there.

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Shaam ki tarah lattice …plays …. he sat down. He asks anyone to ask if they want the related test. He said I would correct the letters, all the best. Reema gave him a bouquet. Other students also provide bouquets. Anokhi avoided it. Shaurya hopes they are all the best. Anokhi saw Kitty’s cheating. The teacher saw this and said nothing.

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Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021 Starlife: Kitty’s friends also cheat. Anokhi looked at them. He wrote his exam. He asked the teacher not to ignore cheating students. The teacher asked him to leave. Anokhi said it would be unfair with other students, you did not say because they were children of the trustee. The teacher collects the answer sheet and goes. Kitty argues with anokhi. He said I would make you sad.

Anokhi said I would go to this lecture. Kitty says this drama, she only wants attention. Shaurya thinks of anokhi. The teacher gets to the class and says anokhi is indeed cheating. Smile Kitty and Bebo. Anokhi was surprised. Shauriya leaves from college. Anokhi said I wasn’t cheating, they lied, they were wrong, they blamed me. The teacher shows a corset from the anokhi table. Anokhi said I did nothing. Alok scold him. Anokhi said believe me. The teacher said he also taught me.

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021 Starlife: Alok says we feel you are an honest and honest student and give you an entrance ticket, but you get rid of, this time you will find out. Alok smiled and remembered the teacher who told him about complaining Anokhi. Alok said now Devi will be happy. The man got a newspaper and said it for Shaurya. Alok called Devi and said Anokhi was caught cheating, he wasn’t cheating, but I trapped him, we would decide whether we removed it from college or made him run. He said good, don’t celebrate it so fast, let the job happen. He said it was finished. He said no, Shaan, Shaurya and Aastha can convince him to stay back. He said this time, his courage would be destroyed, if Tej gave a decision, then everyone would be silent. Anokhi asks why you do this. Kitty said he invited a problem for himself. Anokhi cried and asked Reema and Maya to leave him alone. The girls call anokhi fraudsters. Reema asked Anokhi to go to the Discipline Committee and said the truth. Anokhi said no, I didn’t want to leave. Reema says you have to delete your image before you leave.

Anokhi is assembled from college. He said I wasn’t misleading. Shaurya was surprised and said you were not everywhere, join me.


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