Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Monday 13th December 2021
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Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:The episode starts with Shaurya insulting anokhi a lot. He said you had a problem with my touch, even I was quite rich and famous, you want to use people and climb the stairs, you don’t want sincere respect, you don’t care. He asked if I lost the character. He said yes, I hope you are not our institution students. He said I didn’t know your thoughts were very cheap, it’s easy for the world to lift the finger on the character of a girl, I came here to study, not to be insulted, I didn’t want to study at this Institute. He stopped him. He said you made a mistake, you made me criminals, this drama will not work in front of me, you manipulate people, go to meet Ahir, cry on his shoulder, he is a bachelor, right, he will know, he will know, he is young, dynamic and have a stable job, you can Use a wedding card or infidelity. Anokhi shouted enough and pushed him away. He asked how you could maintain bad thinking, I would not live in this college, this city, fine if my career was destroyed, I will return to my small town, people respect each other there, no There is an imp for me than my respect. Anokhi runs. He was injured.

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Shaurya remains angry. He thought he just enjoyed attention. He sat crying. He said my thoughts were cheap, he thought his actions were not cheap. Anokhi said I would ask him what I did, I had left campus.

Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:Anokhi came home. Aastha and Shaan have panipuri. Aastha asked him to see what Shaan got for him. Anokhi said I would leave this city. Shaan and Aastha asked what happened. Anokhi packed his bag. Aastha asks if anyone says anything. Anokhi said I wanted to go to my mother, enough. Aastha said alright, but tell me what happened. Anokhi thinks you won’t like it if I tell you. He said the city was great, there was no place for me. Aastha asks if anyone says anything, whether Shaurya says nothing, answer me. Anokhi hugged him. Aastha asks what he said, I’m not his mother now, I’m Mammu Aastha, you left a marriage and came to me by trusting me, trust me and tell me everything. He said I went to the police station to report the incident, Shaurya came there. He tells everything. He said who keeps cheap thinking like that, I didn’t come here to see this, I’ll go home, I won’t stay here. Shaan and Aastha cry.

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Shaurya goes home. Devi asked him to listen. Shaan comes and shouted Shaurya, I need to talk to you, how you can fall so low. Shaurya asks what you say. Shaan said not to reach it, it was between me and my son. Shaurya asks what it is. Shaan says this about you and anokhi, why do you embarrass it, you want to destroy his career, he leaves campus because of you. Alok smiles. Shaan said he was a hard worker, he worked in the canteen to pay a fee. Devi asks who tells you. Shaan said aa …

Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:Aastha asked Anokhi to have Golgappas. Anokhi said I wanted to leave here. Aastha said thinking again. Anokhi said no, my dream broke down. Aastha said alright, I will also come, but we have to make Shaurya realize the mistake, tell Shaurya that you will go because of him, he must know what he is doing, the words are strong to change someone’s life, we will say this for him. Shaurya said as soon as he reached you to complain, he knew to use his link, that’s what I said, you didn’t need to help him, he was not plain, he used you. Shaan asked him to stop him. Shaurya said Anokhi took a problem for us, he tried to enter our lives, why you care about cheap poor people. Shaan raised his hand and stopped.

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