Lost In Love Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life: Virat plays drums while Pakhi stands silently. Samrat requests Pakhi for a dance. They both dance together well, leaving Virat jealous. After dance, everyone clap for them. Virat reminisces his dance with Pakhi. Samrat tells Pakhi that he cannot wait more and wants her to be his soon. Everyone clap for him again. Virat walks away. Shanti requests Badimaa to dance. Badimaa scolds her. Ashwini signals Pakhi’s mother who requests Badimaa and Badimaa agrees. Badimaa dances with Ashwini, Shanti, Pakhi’s mother and others on Chalka re Kalsi ka pani.. Pakhi signals her friend Neha and requests Karishma to show her washroom. Karishma takes her to washroom. Neha walks to Karishma and says Badimaa is calling her. Karishma leaves. Neha asks Pakhi to come out and asks her to rethink. Pakhi says even Virat is in pain like her. Neha gives her mobile for emergency. Pakhi walks to Virat’s room and knocks door. Virat thinks its Sunny and asks him not to disturb, why don’t he understand he is tensed. Pakhi walks in and asks why don’t he understand Virat nervous asks why did she come here and closes door. Pakhi asks why is he not enjoying his brother’s function, she knows he is unable to tolerate seeing her dancing with Samrat. Virat says he is not. She says she can see his pain and asks when he cannot see her with Samrat for a second, he will see her with Samrat whole life. He says he will somehow as he cannot see his brother in pain. Virat reminisces childhood incident where Ninad organizes dahi handi ceremony and he wanted to break handi, but seeing Samrat yells at him to go back to his house. Ninad scolds him and asks Samrat to break handi. Virat insists and breaks handi, rope breaks down and he falls. Samrat risks his life and saves him. Out of flashback, Virat says he promised himself to support Samrat always.

Family insists Samrat for Jiva and Shiva’s dance with Virat. Samrat agrees and asks where is Virat. Sunny says he will call him. Samrat asks him to make arrangements while he brings Virat. Pakhi’s mother calls Neha and asks about Pakhi. Neha says Pakhi is in washroom. Back in room, Samrat tells Pakhi that she will be in his heart always and he will not love anyone else except her, but she should marry Samrat as he is a very nice boy, etc. Pakhi agrees. Samrat walks towards Virat’s room and sees Pakhi with Neha there. Neha says they had gone to washroom and his house is very big. Samrat asks Pakhi if all is okay. She nods yes and walks away. In living, Devyani walks in and happily says its her wedding today. Badimaa warns her to get back to her room. Samrat handles Devyani and sends her away. He asks Sunny to play music to watch Jiva and Shiva’ bail jodi dance.

Sayi hiding in a truck calls Aaba and informs that she is reaching in a truck to shiv mandir. Jagtap with goons searches her and seeing light flashing in truck realizes she is in his own truck. He orders truck driver to stop truck, catches Pakhi back, and says he will marry her right now. He calls Aaba and invites him for his daughter’s wedding. Aaba shouts he will not spare Jagtap.

Precap: Pakhi’s father asks her to think again. Pakhi says she will marry Samrat and wherever she goes, Virat will be in her memories. Sunny insists Virat to inform Samrat. Samrat enters and asks what is it?

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