Lost In Love Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Bhavani asking the people to enjoy the function and tells that she had asked them to come at 9 pm. Karishma tells that she has called and Vaishali aunty said that she will reach soon. Bhavani asks her to call again. Ninad asks Bhavani not to get angry hearing what he is going to say. Bhavani asks what you want to say? Ninad tells that Shivani has brought her friend to make you meet her friend, and asks her not to get angry. Bhavani goes to Shivani and asks how come, she got ready so early today and asks from where this boy came? She says the boy is lovely. Shivani says give me a break, look at him, he is a man, young, hot and handsome. Bhavani asks what is he doing with you? She asks if you are going to adopt him. Shivani says he takes me or I take him, nobody else shall be bothered. She asks her to excuse them and asks Roshan to ignore her. The guest ladies tell that Shivani has given a fitting reply to Bhavani. A lady scolds Shivani. Shivani says old is bored and says lets have some drinks. Samrat stops Virat and asks where was he? He says he tried his number many times and asks if he liked his bhabhi. Virat says nice. Mohit comes and tells super nice. They are asked to go and get ready. Virat goes to room. Sunny asks him to handle himself. Virat tells that he can’t bear anymore and will go to Gadchiroli.

Jagtap and his goons are following Sai. He scolds the other goon, who tells that bhabhi can’t go very far. Sai prays for her life and sees a truck parked there. She takes the scooter to the side and falls down. She gets injury on her hand and gets up. She runs, climbs the truck and get inside. The goon sees his scooty and informs Jagtap. Jagtap tells that the girl must be somewhere here. She takes out her mobile and finds Inspector Kamal Joshi number saved in Jagtap’s mobile as sasur ji number. She calls him. Inspector kamal picks the call. Sai says she is on call. He asks if she is fine. She says she is fine and asks him to come to Shiva temple road. Inspector Kamal asks Constable to take him there.

Pakhi comes in her car with her parents. Her dad asks her to think again. Pakhi says she has thought well. Her mom Vaishali asks her to understand that she is getting married in a good house. They get down the car. Ninad says we were waiting for you since long time. Pakhi’s father tells that they were stuck in traffic. He asks Mohit about Virat.

Lost In Love Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life: Virat is in the room and sad. Aai comes there and asks why is he not looking well. Virat tells that he is feeling unwell. Aai says if you don’t come down then Samrat will get upset. He says sorry. Aai blames the resort girl for this. She says let Samrat gets married first, then I will fix your marriage too. Virat says I don’t want to marry. Aai asks him to get ready fast. Virat says I am not coming. Karishma tells that something is upto between Virat and Patralekha. Mohit asks her to shut up.

Samrat comes there and asks him to get ready fast. He asks Aai to come. The guest ladies compliments Pakhi and her lehenga. Bhavani comes there and asks why she got late? She asks if everything is fine? Vaishali says there was much traffic on road. Bhavani says Karishma saw on GPS and there was no traffic. Virat comes and says its fine Kaku. He says even destiny do mistakes and this is just GPS. He says wait is okay, she is good. He hugs Samrat. Pakhi looks on.

Virat sings mere yaar ki shaadi hai………Everyone dances on the gajrare song…..Mohit performs next on the song…Desi girl….Shivani dances with Roshan. Karishma dances with Mohit. Samrat, Mohit and Virat dance on the song tenu leke main jawanga…Pakhi looks sad. Samrat holds Pakhi’s hand and takes her for dance. They dance. Virat gets upset. Pakhi stands while Samrat dances with her.

Samrat asks Pakhi, why is she feeling shy and asks if her surname is Sharma. He says I am lucky that I am getting life partner like you. He calls Virat and introduces him to Pakhi. He says he is his cousin, friend, brother etc. He says Virat loves a girl, but don’t know even her phone number. Virat and Pakhi get emotional. Samrat tells that Pakhi and he will find his girlfriend. He tells that Virat is a good drummer. A fb is shown. Virat refuses to play drum, but everyone asks him to play the drum.

Precap: Virat plays the drum and gets teary eyes seeing Samrat and Pakhi dancing. He leaves from there. Later she confronts him of his feelings. Samrat comes there and looks at them.

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