Lost In Love Thursday 21st April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Thursday 21st April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Thursday 21st April 2022 Update Star Life: Aaba tries to slap Jagtap when he insults him. Jagtap holds his hand and asks Virat to explain him. Virat gives him a tight slap and warns him that if he tries to bully Sayi or any Gadchiroli girl, he will put him in jail and torture him. He leaves with Aaba smirking. Jagtap thinks Virat will pay for it. At Pakhi’s house, Badimaa approves her and Samrat’s alliance and says they look good together. Pakhi’s father/Patil asks Pakhi to touch her in-laws’ feet and take their blessings. Pakhi heads towards Mansi when Ninad stops and says for them Badimaa is first and rest of all next. Virat and Pakhi take Badimaa’s blessings first and then other’s blessings. Shanti bua jokes not to call her bua as they are of almost same age. Badimaa tells Patil that they should perform quick engagement and wedding. Patil agrees.

Pakhi walks on road with her friend to check her exam results in internet center when Jagtap with his goons stops her and flirts. She warns him to mind his business and asks if morning’s slap or Virat insulting him and his father as not enough. Jagtap gets angry and drags towards jeep saying he will marry her right now. She pulls her sandal and slaps him. He gets more angry and tries to throw her in jeep when they police siren and junior goons ask him to leave soon before Samrat sees them. Jagtap warns Pakhi that he gave her 7 days, 5 days have finished and she has 2 days left, he will marry her on 3rd day in front of everyone. Virat with Aaba passes by asking Aaba since when Jagtap is troubling Sayi. Aaba says 3 years and he is troublesome to even Vital as he has filed cases against him and needs to go to Nagpur for 2-3 days for court case. He also invites Virat for pooja at his house. They see Sayi in shock on road, and Aaba asks what happened to her. Sayi shouts at Viat that everything is because of him, if he had approve Aaba’s VRS, they would have been in Nagpur. Aaba warns her to behave with sir, but Sayi continues and walks away. Aaba apologizes Virat and says she is a kid. Virat says he understands.

Lost In Love Thursday 21st April 2022 Update Star Life: At Virat’s home, family starts wedding arrangements. Badimaa’s taunts continue. Mansi informs Samrat that wedding muhurat is after 3 days. Samarat says he will not marry until Viraat comes, calls Viratg and informing him about his wedding asks to take 3 days’ leave and come home soon. Virat agrees. Sunny calls Viraat next and informs him that Pakhi stays in Nagpur. Virat says where will he find her in such a big Napur. Sayi enters and hears him. He asks why did she come here. She angrily says Aaba gave him prasad. Virat remembers Aaba inviting him for pooja and says he doesn’t need it. Sayi forcefully keeps it on dining table and leaves saying she will never come here again. She returns back home and fumes yelling at Virat in front of Usha. Virat walks in. Their argument starts again. Virat hands over prasad box to her and leaves. Sayi says he returned box unfinished. Usha opens box and seeing dry fruit in it says he is well cultured and knows one shouldn’t return box empty.

Precap: Pakhi’s mother asks her not to ride in 2 boats and when god has given an opportunity not to let it go. Virat informs Sayi that he will be with her whole day to protect her as per Aaba’s order. Pakhi thinks if she meets Virat, she will question him for sure.

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