Lost In Love Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life: Family starts Samrat’s haldi ritual. Light goes off. Virat dances on Badtameez dil. Family enjoys his dance. He imagines dancing with Pakhi. On the other side, Jagtap’s mother opens door. Sayi tries to run. She holds her and shouts that she should be happy that she is getting married in such a rich family and shows her costly shagun sari and jewelry, orders her servants to apply haldi to Sayi. Sayi shouts she doesn’t want to marry and wants to return to Aaba. Mother forcefully applies her haldi. Back to Virat’s house, youngsters ask Virat if is in love. Virat shies. They ask who is the girl. Badimaa asks Virat if he found the girl himself and asks Ashwini if she knew about it. Ashwini acts and says she came to know just now, asks Virat who is the girl, where did he find her, where does she live. Badimaa asks Samrat if he knows about it. He says yes and he cannot reveal his buddy’s secrets. Badimaa scolds him. Devyani walks in and applies haldi on herself saying even she is marrying, she also dreamt of having kids with her husband. Badimaa shouts to stop talking nonsense and tries to slap her. Ashwini stops her and asks not today. Devyani asks Virat that he promised to get her married. Virat says he found her groom and takes her away.

Aaba with constables enters Vital’s house with Jagtap’s arrest and house’s search warrant and questions maid where is Sayi. Vital holds his hand and asks if he dared to search his house. Aaba says he got arrest warrant and will even arrest Jagtap. He searches whole house, but doesn’t find Sayi there.

Lost In Love Sunday 24th April 2022 Update Star Life: Pakhi’s father seeing her sad tries to cheer her up. Virat with Sunny, Mohit, Karishma and others reaches there with Pakhi’s haldi. Pakhi’s parents greet them. Mohit introduces Virat as IPS officer and Samrat’s cousin to them. Karishma asks them to call Patralekha as Virat is eager to see her. Pakhi walks in. Virat is shocked seeing her. Pakhi also stands freeze seeing him. Karishma says she told bhabi is very beautiful. Virat says Pakhi. Karishma says bhabi’s name is Patralekha. Father says her nickname is Pakhi and asks how does he know. Sunny to divert attention asks if they will not greet them in and give them something to eat. Father and mother take them in. Pakhi takes Virat to her room and questions why did he betray her. Virat says he didn’t. Their long confrontation starts. She says she fell in his love seeing his advances, but he just considered her as time pass; she took his number and called him many times reminding him of the incidents, then she blocked his number. Virat explains whole situation, but even then Pakhi doesn’t believe him. He shows message he sent to her describing he called her many times and wants her to attend his father’s wedding in 3 days as he wants to introduce her to his family. Pakhi stands shattered.

Precap: Pakhi informs her parents that she loves Virat and wants to marry him. Father says only her happiness matters to him and Virat has to take decision now.

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