Lost In Love Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

Lost In Love Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers
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Lost In Love Starlife Full Story:  rotates around the existence of Sai Joshi, a bold young lady who tries to turn into a specialist, weds an IPS official, Virat Chavan, claiming to be an arrangement. Virat needs to settle on a difficult decision between his adoration and obligation
what’s more, is compelled to get hitched to Sayi in specific situations. The series depicts the circle of drama between Virat, Pakhi, and Sayi.

Lost in Love Full Story/Synopsis

Sai Joshi, a youthful and candid young lady from Gadchiroli tries to turn into a specialist and dreams to concentrate on MBBS at the Nagpur Medical College. In Nagpur, Virat Chavan turns into an IPS official and is presented on Gadchiroli.
Sai stays with her dad Inspector Kamal Joshi in Gadchiroli and her reality rotates around him. The nearby legislator’s child and thug, Jagtap, falls in uneven love with Sai and harras her. Jagtap attempt to kill Kamal to get hitched with Sai. On garnish twelfth test in Maharashtra state, Sai demand her dad to take VRS and move to Nagpur.

Lost in Love Cast Starlife

Virat joins his posting in Gadchiroli. Virat’s vehicle sprinkle mud on Sai which makes Sai despise him. Further, Virat request that Kamal delay his VRS in front of an audience. Kamal acknowledge his senior official Virat request which makes Sai outrage. Virat and Pakhi gets charmed by one another however Chavan family select Pakhi as Samrat’s lady of the hour. Pakhi to remain with Virat gets hitched to Samrat and Virat guarantee Pakhi to not give her place to any young lady. Pakhi admit love to Virat which Samrat catches wind of and leave for obligation, devastated.
Kamal Joshi takes the slug to save Virat from Jagtap shoot and Sai sees it. On his deathbed, Kamal requests that Virat take care Sai. Sai is crushed after her dad demise and attempt to end it all in her enthusiastic state. After Kamal’s memorial service, residents compress Virat to wed stranded Sai. Sai demand Virat to decline proposition to be engaged and remind him about Pakhi. Virat propose bargain marriage and reluctantly, Sai gets concur for it. During marriage, Virat continues to remind Sai to not expect any spouse love and backing from him as he previously made vow to Pakhi. Sai likewise clarifies that She will leave marriage once she complete MBBS. Pakhi gets broken seeing Virat-Sai marriage yet Virat guarantee her by unveiling bargain marriage subtleties. Chavan family will not acknowledge Virat-Sai marriage as Sai isn’t from high society, Shahānnau Kule Maratha, as Pakhi. Chavan family embarrasses Sai by ridiculing Junglee, slandering Kamal passing and his childhood yet Sai gives a befitting answer to them.
Virat face fraudulent allegations by Vithal Mane and lands suspended from position. Virat faults Sai for it. Further, Virat faults Sai to grab away his adoration Pakhi and cases to ruins his life. Sai goes to police division and saves Virat work.

Sai comes to know Devyani-Pulkit past relationship and choose to find reality. Sai observe an opportunity when Pulkit welcomes on lunch. Virat stops Sai truly and orders to finish up with primary entryway and not open till he secure Sai in a room. In any case, Sai doesn’t give up and goes to meet Pulkit. Further, Virat stops Sai to have food and cases to appreciate on his cash when Sai gets back. Sai chose to take off from the house however Ashwini commits Virat understand his error and Virat apologize to Sai and stops her.
Sai uncover the Chavans’ demonstration of making Devyani insane, Devyani-Pulkit partition and placing recently conceived Harinee in shelter. Sai plans to rejoin Devyani and Pulkit by getting them remarried. Pakhi composes counterfeit letter to stop Sai and Virat concurs with Pakhi. Pulkit gets grabbed by Chavan family’s hooligan. Afterward, Sai and Pulkit shows confirmation to effectively defend Pulkit however Virat will not accept. Virat tosses Sai from the house at 12 PM and stops Ashwini to give food to Sai. Pakhi and Virat calls Sai as gold digger and slow-witted individual. Sai sort out for proof and acquired it front of Virat. Then, at that point, Sai returns to Gadchiroli. Virat makes no move against his family’s violations and pardon them. Virat statements of regret to Sai and request that she return however she denies. Virat goes on a mission and has chance. A passionate Sai hurries to the clinic and takes great consideration of Virat. Both accommodate and Sai get back.
On Harinee’s birthday, Sai retouch Devyani-Harinee’s relationship and passes Chavan family on to acknowledge Harinee. In the mean time, Pakhi admit her sentiments again which Sai see it. Sai ask the two of them to clear their substitute front of family. Yet, Virat claims Sai’s inquiries are modest and doesn’t requires any response. Pakhi calls Sai a Nurse and request that she take cash and take off from the house. Chavan family support Virat and Pakhi and embarrass Sai further. In any case, Sai gives befitting answer to them.

Sai gifts saree to Pakhi’s mom on commemoration after Virat authorization. Pakhi and Chavan family embarrass Sai and request that Sai apologize to Pakhi. Sai has enthusiastic breakdown because of consistent tormenting and badgering and concurs with their case of calling herself clumsy and troublesome individual to be fit in Chavan family.
Ninad youth dream gets total when Sai shock him with Harmonium, which Sai brought it from her grant cash. Ninaad felt confused and gives gift to Sai.
Pakhi traps Ajinkya to meet unwell Sai in room and Chavan family sees Pakhi’s activity yet keeps quiet. Virat lashes out and hurt Ajinkya actually and question Sai’s personality. Sai feels hurt and leaves house yet gets hit via vehicle. Virat apologize to Sai by crying in front Kamal photograph and she excused him.
Virat plans an excursion to Mahabaleshwar to celebrate marriage commemoration. In any case, he lies about this to Sai and Chavan family that this excursion is an authority one. Pakhi misses Virat and contacts his things to feel him in room. Pakhi counterfeit cry about Samrat and fault Sai to appreciate with Virat on her hopeless time. Chavan family feelings for Pakhi. Virat portrays a phony romantic tale to Sai however Yoga teacher hinders them and talk about Virat-Pakhi’s romantic tale. Sai gets unsettled as she suspects Virat was telling Pakhi and his romantic tale with couldn’t get total because of her. They have contention over commemoration festivity and Sai leaves the spot. Virat gets injured by Sai’s way of behaving and chosen to get payback.

Sai meets Samrat in clinic while assisting a harmed kid, who with belonging to Samrat’s NGO. Sai persuade Samrat to get back and Samrat gets concur. Samrat uncovers that Pakhi never needed to wed him and request separate from Pakhi. Sai takes great consideration of unwell Virat however he keeps on being impolite with Sai. Following day, Pakhi assists Virat with wearing his T-shirt in room and request that he meet in bistro alone. Pakhi admit love to Virat once more and request that he separate from Sai. Sai visits bistro with her companions and gets injured to see Virat and Pakhi clasping hands and investing energy. Virat orders Sai not to talk about bistro at home however Shivani hear Sai’s meandering aimlessly while going through her room and bistro truth comes out. Virat contrasts himself and Samrat and Lord Ram and Lakshman and claims Pakhi as extremely guiltless and enthusiastic individual who met him at bistro to examine about Samrat, albeit the reality of the situation was absolutely inverse. Samrat trust in Virat word’s and drops separate from procedures.

Pakhi plans a Puja at home to make Virat desirous. Sai denies to turn out to be essential for her theatrics and needs to go to her school yet Virat powerfully secures Sai in the room. Sai chooses to take off from house because of overwhelming and inconsiderate way of behaving of Virat towards her. Devyani sees Sai pressing her stuff and illuminate Virat. Pakhi expresses Devyani to remain out it however Devyani gets down on her. Virat yell on Devyani and requests that she act with Pakhi appropriately. Sai goes out yet gets into a mishap while saving a youngster from falling into pit on street. Sai’s companion takes her to the clinic. Devyani shares her notion about Virat-Sai wellbeing and Ashwini request that Sai get back home for Virat security. An enthusiastic Sai concurs with Ashwini solicitation and get back.
Ashwini isolates Sai and Virat’s space to give them some space. Sai and Virat give their relationship a new beginning, this time as friends.Sai falls into Virat’s adoration and needs to admit. In the interim, Pakhi appreciate being in Virat’s arms and plans to go through night with him in room. Sai attempt to admit her inclination on diwali yet Virat leaves for mission.

Virat and Naxalite Shruti flew from wilderness in the wake of shooting a shot to his closest companion Naxalite Sada(Sadanand). Virat present Shruti as his better half in lodging to safeguard her from police and Mohit sees it. Police illuminate Virat about missing of Sada demise body however Virat overlooks and keep on being off the clock to conceal his conspiracy demonstration of safeguarding Naxalite Shruti. Mohit uncover inn truth before family. Sai is crushed to hear this and argue to clear the matter. Virat overlook Sai and stringently cautions family to not let out the slightest peep against his Shruti. Sai continues to demand Virat to uncover reality however Virat appreciate to be Shruti’s significant other and proceed to invests his entire energy with Shruti as it were. Sai joins Pulkit to aid emergency clinic. Sai feels deceived considering Virat and Shruti to be spouse wife. Further, Virat signs Sahas birth authentication as father before Sai and Sai gets shattered. Chavan family witness Virat caring Shruti and see Sahas as child of Virat in his introduction to the world authentication. Virat and Shruti begins living respectively as a couple in a different house.

Police divisions suspend Virat to have 2 spouses. Sai to save Virat work and notoriety request separate and submit predated legal documents with Police offices. Police gives clean chit to Virat because of Sai’s papers and request that he join back obligation. Shruti admit her adoration to Virat and embrace him yet Sada returned. Shruti feel upset seeing Sada invigorated and stand against him to safeguard Virat. Sada lashes out. Sada abduct Sai and request that Shruti return. Virat gets harmed in landmine impact while rescuiring.

Brief Information and Details on Lost in Love Starlife.

Kind: Drama
First Episode: sixteenth April 2022
Absolute number of episodes:474
Absolute quantities of the time: One
Channel: StarLife Africa
Network: Star Plus Tv
Unique name: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil
Time allotment: Monday – Sunday 7 pm (CAT)
Genuine Names, and Picture of Lost In Love Cast
Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi: A MBBS understudy; Alka and Kamal’s girl; Virat’s better half (2020-present)

Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi
Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat “Viru/Shiva” Chavan: Ashwini and Ninad’s child; Sai’s better half (2020-present)

Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat

Aishwarya Sharma as Patralekha “Pakhi” Mohitepatil Salunkhe: Vaishali and Shailesh’s girl; Samrat’s significant other (2020-present)
Yogendra Vikram Singh as Samrat “Jeeva” Salunkhe: Mansi and Ashok’s child; Patralekha’s better half (2020-present)
Kishori Shahane as Bhavani Chavan: Matriarch of the Chavan family; Nagesh’s widow; Devyani’s mom; Harinee’s grandma (2020-present)
Shailesh Datar as Ret. Col. Ninad Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Omkaar and Shivani’s sibling; Ashwini’s better half; Virat’s dad (2020-present)
Bharti Patil as Ashwini Chavan: Ninad’s better half; Virat’s mom (2020-present)
Mridul Kumar as Omkar “Omi” Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Shivani’s sibling; Sonali’s better half; Mohit’s dad (2020-present)
Sheetal Maulik as Sonali Chavan: Omkaar’s better half; Mohit’s mom (2020-present)
Mitali Nag as Devyani “Devi” Chavan Deshpande: Bhavani and Nagesh’s girl; Samrat, Virat and Mohit’s cousin; Pulkit’s significant other; Harinee’s mom (2020-present)
Yash Pandit as Dr. Pulkit Deshpande: Devyani’s better half; Harinee’s dad; Sai’s teacher (2021-present)
Yamini Malhotra/Tanvi Thakkar as Shivani Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Omkaar’s sister; Amey’s previous sweetheart (2020-2021)/(2022-present)
Sachin Shroff as Rajiv: Shivani’s Fiancee (2022 – present)
Adish Vaidya/Vihan Verma as Mohit Chavan: Sonali and Omkaar’s child; Devyani, Samrat and Virat’s cousin; Karishma’s significant other (2020-2021)/(2021-present)
Sneha Bhawsar as Karishma Chavan: Mohit’s significant other (2020-present)
Dimple Shaw Chauhan/Roopa Divetia as Mansi Chavan Salunkhe: Nagesh, Ninad, Omkaar and Shivani’s sister; Ashok’s widow; Samrat’s mom (2020-2021)/(2021-present)
Hirva Trivedi as Harinee Deshpande: Devyani and Pulkit’s little girl; Madhuri’s encourage girl (2021-present)
Sanjay Narvekar as Inspector Kamal Joshi: Alka’s single man; Sai’s dad; Usha’s cultivate sibling (2020)
Vishavpreet Kaur as Vaishali Mohitepatil: Shailesh’s better half; Patralekha’s mom (2020-present)
Atul Mahajan as Shailesh Mohitepatil: Vaishali’s better half; Patralekha’s dad (2020-present)
Jitendra Bohara as Sunny: Virat and Samrat’s dearest companion (2020-present)
Suraj Sonik as Aniket More: Sai’s closest companion (2020-present)
Tejasvi Khatal as Madhuri Patil: Pulkit’s cultivate sister; Harinee’s non-permanent mother (2020)
Anjana Nathan as Usha: Sai’s overseer; Kamal’s cultivate sister (2020-2021)
Nivaan Sen/Vineet Kumar Chaudhary as Sadanand Pawle: A Naxalite; Virat’s closest companion; Shruti’s significant other; Saahas’ dad (2021)/(2022-present)
Shafaq Naaz as Shruti Pawle: A Naxalite; Sada’s better half; Saahas’ mom (2021-present)
Siddharth Bodke as Jagtap Mane: A nearby thug fixated on Sai; Kamal’s killer (2020)
Ganesh Yadav as Vitthal Damodar Mane: Jagtap’s dad, a nearby lawmaker and hooligan at Gadchiroli (2020)
Jitendra Trehan as DIG Sanjeev K. Salaskar of Nagpur: Virat’s senior official (2021-present)
Jia Sheth as Pari: Sai’s closest companion (2020-2021)
Bhagya Bhanushali as Balakram: Sai’s closest companion (2020)
Somesh Sharma as Ajinkya Mhatre: Sai’s school companion (2021)
Riddhi Gupta as Sandhya: Sai’s school companion (2021)
Shalini Singh as Neha: Patralekha’s closest companion (2020)
Deepali Pansare as Barkha Rani Wagh: A VIP Lavani artist from Sai’s town Gadchiroli (2021)
Kushagre Dua as Amey Gupte: Sarita’s significant other; Shivani’s previous beau (2021)
Minoli Nandwana as Sarita Gupte: Amey’s significant other (2021)
Pankaj Vishnu as Inspector Pawar (2020)
Rakesh Rajwant as Officer Gopal Shinde (2020)
Aditya Bansal as Milind: Sai’s school companion (2021)
Ami Joshi as Aishwarya: Sai’s school companion (2021)
Keshav Ashwani as Sai’s school companion (2021)
Yash Abbad as Sai’s school companion (2021)
Gajendra Chauhan as Dean of Nagpur City Medical College (2021)
Cart Minhas as Dr. Anjali: Sai’s therapist (2021)
Sunila Karambelkar as Swapna: Ashwini’s senior sister (2021)
Abhineet Kaushik as Bhau: a thug (2022)
Deepak Soni as Inspector Sachin Kadam (2022)

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