Lost In Love Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: Sayi attends her felicitation ceremony and sits nervously with her friends. Principal on stage announces that Sayi topped 12th exam in whole state and made them proud. She also praises ACP Virat Chavan who is posted in Gadchiroli and accepted their request to become their chief guest. She calls Sayi to come on stage and requests Viraat to give her trophy and felicitate her. Sayi walks on stage. Virat gives her trophy. Principal requests him to speak some words for Sayi. Virat says its feels good to top in exam, just like he topped UPSC exam; a few people get arrogant and speak bitter after topping in exam, but he is sure Sayi is not like that. He continues praising himself and ends speech. Sayi stands fuming. She walks on street with her friend yelling at Virat and saying she will not go with him. Jagtap with his goons in his car follows her to kidnap her when Virat reaches in his jeep and asks Sayi to get into jeep. Sayi as usual yells and throws tantrums, but agrees at last and gets in. Virat drops her home, warns her not to get out of house and leaves ordering 2 constable to stay there whole night. Sayi walks in yelling and shows her trophy to Usha.

Pakhi and Samrat exchange rings and complete engagement. Karishma clicks their pics. Back home, Ashwini tries to call Virat and finds his phone not reachable. She says she always dreamt of Virat and Samrat’s wedding in same mantap. Badimaa walks in saying anything can happen and she may find girl for Virat in 2 days. Ninad says she can do anything. Ashwini murmurs she will find girl even in 2 hours. Badimaa’s taunts continue and says today is Samrat’s haldi.

Lost In Love Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: Sayi at night continues yelling at Virat when she gets a message from someone with Aaba’s ID card. She calls number and man says a man with this ID card met with an accident on Nagpur highway. She shatters hearing that and runs out from house shouting Aaba. Usha and constables try to stop her in vain. Sayi runs on road when Jagtap catches her, injures Usha, kidnaps Sayi and takes her to his home where he reveals that he sent her fake ID and will marry her today. She continues yelling at him to let her go. Vital walks down and says he will perform Gadchiroli’s prince’s wedding lavishly and to throw Sayi in a room till then. Jagtap locks Sayi in a room. Sayi continues crying and prays god for help. Aaba after finishing his work calls Sayi, then Virat and Usha to no avail. He reaches home where constables inform him about Sayi running out of house. Usha informs him that Jagtap kidnapped Sayi. Aaba shouts in anger.

Badimaa performs Ganapati’s pooja and keeps modak prasad. Virat and Samrat at once take it. She catches them and says she knew her Shiva and Jiva would come to steal modak, so she prepared their favorite modaks. Samrat and Virat share brotherly bond. Badimaa says Virat has to take haldi for Patralekha. Virat insists to see Patralekha. Karishma says babhi is beautiful and is about to show pic when Samrat snatches phone and says let him see her directly. On the other side, Patralekha’s haldi and mehandi ritual starts. She gets mehandi applied on her hands reminiscing quality time spent with Virat. Serial’s title track runs in the backround.

Precap: Viraat with Mohit, Sunny, and Karishma goes to meet Patraleka and is shocked to see she is Pakhi instead.

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