Lost In Love Monday 25th April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Monday 25th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Monday 25th April 2022 Update Star Life: Aaba searches Vital’s house and doesn’t find Sayi there. Vittal taunts him and says even his son is missing since 2 days. Aaba says he will throw Jagtap behind bars for kidnapping Sayi and torturing Usha. Vittal acts and pleads to find his son. Aaba walks away warning him and prays god to protect Sayi.

Pakhi apologizes Virat for blocking his number and says its not too late and let us go and inform everyone that they both love each other and want to marry. Virat stops and asks if he is having bad dream. Pakhi says it is not, if his brother Samrat wasn’t. Virat says he cannot as he loves his bother Samrat and Samrat loves Pakhi. Pakhi asks if he doesn’t love her. Virat says he loves her more than his life, but he cannot marry her as he cannot break his brother and family’s heart. Pakhi asks what about her heart, he is in her soul and heart, she cannot be happy with Samrat as she cannot think of anyone else except Virat. Virat requests to understand him. Pakhi says they will ruin 3 lives. Virat says with time, even biggest wounds heal. Pakhi says some wounds also worsen. Her mother walks in and asks what are they discussing, let us restart rituals. Pakhi informs her that he is the same Virat whom she met in Nasik.

Jagtap hides Sayi in a factory. Sayi climbing drum shouts at window for help. Jagtap walks in and jokes that nobody will hear her. He makes her fall and holding her in his arms jokes. Pakhi picks iron rod and threatens him. He throws rod away and warns her not to act foolish as he brought her here to marry her and she cannot escape.

Lost In Love Monday 25th April 2022 Update Star Life: Karishma informs Mohit that looks like Virat and Pakhi know each other. Mohit is surprised to hear that. Sunny interferes and changing their attention sends them to meet caterer. Pakhi tells her parents that she loves Virat and wants to marry him. Mother says already her and Samrat’s wedding cards are distributed and everyone are invited. Pakhi says she cannot marry a wrong boy. Virat says Samrat is not a wrong boy. Father says it is weird that she got Virat’s brother Samrat’s alliance. Pakhi says she cannot live without Virat. Father says he wants to see her happy and now Virat has to take a decision. Virat says even he wants Pakhi’s happiness, but cannot break his brother heart or betray his family, so he cannot marry Pakhi; though truth is he loves Pakhi, he wants her to marry Samrat. He walks away from there. In car, Sunny feels guilty that he should have informed Pakhi beforehand, because of him, Pakhi and Samrat’s alliance happened. He then blames Pakhi for overreacting when Virat disconnected unknown number. Virat stops car and says its not Pakhi’s mistake but his mistake that he didn’t inform her beforehand. He cries saying she went away.

In the evening, Sayi in factory continues crying. She hears shutter opening and acts as asleep. Jagtap brings food for her. Seeing her asleep says let her sleep today, tomorrow he will marry her and perform suhagraat. Goon informs her that tailor is not ready to come here and wants him to come to his shop. Jagtap leaving his mobile walks aside and over goon’s phone threatens tailor to come there. Sayi silently escapes from there, gets into goon’s scooty and escapes.

Pakhi’s father asks her not to marry Samrat if she doesn’t want to and she should take a conscious decision. Pakhi says she cannot marry Virat’s bother. Mother says Samrat and family are respectable in Nagpur and people will find fault in Pakhi. Father warns her to stop and says let the marriage not happen, he will take care of Pakhi whole life, he cannot see his daughter crying.

Preap: Virat gets sad seeing Pakhi dancing with Samrat. Pakhi confronts him.

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