Lost In Love Friday 22nd April 2022 Update Star Life

Lost In Love Friday 22nd April 2022 Update Star Life
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Lost In Love Friday 22nd April 2022 Update Star Life: Virat returns prasad tiffin to Sayi and leaves. Sayi fumes saying he returned prasad unfinished. Usha opens box and seeing dry fruit in it praises that Virat is a well cultured boy who knows one shouldn’t return empty box. At Virat’s home, Badimaa scolds Shivani for thinking of going on a date with boy. Shivani says she is getting late as 23-24 year old boys don’t like waiting. Badimaa scolds if she is dating a kid, if she had married on right time, she would have a kid of same age. Devyani walks in blabbering Samrat is getting married when is her marriage. Badimaa says she will never marry. Devyani gets angry. Samrat enters and says she will marry when time comes. Shivani leaves saying she is going on a date. Devyani asks when will her time come. Badimaa says never. Devyani angrily tries to attack Badimaa when Ashwini handles her showing chocolate and takes her away.

Pakhi sits sadly looking at her yoga mat. Mother walks in and asks if she will take this in her dowry and warns her to forget Virat and not change her decision now for her better future. She informs that tomorrow Samrat’s family is coming for sakharpura/prewedding rituals and she should meet them smilingly. Once she leaves, Pakhi reminisces time spent with Virat and thinks why did he betray her, she will question him if she meets him anytime.

Virat hands over VRS letter to Aaba and says he didn’t sign it for Sayi, though he is tired of her arrogance, but he knows she loves Aaba a lot. Aaba says he will not accept VRS until he shows whole Gadchiroli to Virat and he is pride. He informs that he is going to Mumbai for a court case tomorrow. Virat assures that he will protect Sayi until he returns. Next morning, he walks to Sayi’s house and says he will be with her whole day as per Kamal sir’s order. As usual, Sayi argues with him. He asks her to call Kamal sir and confirm. She calls, but his phone is not reachable. Usha says Virat is a big officer and will not lie. Virat says he will tolerate her whole day and asks her to get ready as he will drop her to her award ceremony venue. She angrily agrees.

Lost In Love Friday 22nd April 2022 Update Star Life: Jagtap is busy playing carrom with his puppets when one of his puppet calls and informs that Kamal Joshi left in Mumbai’s train. Jagtap plans to meet Sayi. Vital walks in and says he is ashamed to haver son like him who got slapped by Sayi with a slipper and by police; he runs whole Gadchiroli, but failed because of his son. Jagtap promises to set things right and marry Sayi today itself.

Virat drops Sayi outside venue and asks to thank him at least. She walks in yelling. Jagtap with goons reaches venue and stops seeing Sayi with Virat. Sayi meets her friends who praise that principal herself is coming with flowers to meet her. Principal surpassing her walks to Virat and thanks him for accepting her request to become chief guest today. Virat says its his duty and walks in giving his phone to constable. Jatap waits outside.

Samrat with family reaches for sakharpura ritual, and family performs ritual. Badimaa says let us exchange sweets. Mohit and Karishma discuss that girl looked unhappy before and even today. Shivani walks to Pakhi’s friend and asks why Pakhi looks unhappy, if wedding is fixed against her wish. Friend blabbers nervously. Badimaa walks to her and insists. Pakhi walks to Badimaa and looking into her eyes says she is marrying with her wish. Shanti thinks Badimaa will reject her seeing her arrogance. Badimaa praises her that she is a true Marathi girl who knows to face challenges.

Precap: Virat with family reaches Samrat’s prewedding venue.
Pakhi’s mother greets them and asks them to sit. Mohit asks her to call Pakhi as Virat is eager to see her. Pakhi enters, and Virat stands shocked seeing her.

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