Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Thursday 3rd March 2022 update

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Thursday 3rd March 2022: The Episode starts with Sonam and her family leaving. Dhruv ruins the mandap in anger. He cares for Nutan. Shashi says keep calm, doctor won’t fly and come, he is coming. Nutan says no need for doctor, I have applied the ointment, you did good to blow off the fire soon. Dhruv asks Sheetal to stay silent now. Shashi argues with Nutan. Nutan cries. Dhruv says it happened because of Sonam’s mistake. He asks Milky to just leave, the marriage chapter is over. Milky’s mum asks which house, now this house is hers, she is married. Dhruv says think and talk, this marriage happened by mistake.

She says she is bahu of your house, accept her or kill her, I can’t take her back with me. Nutan gets up and says Dhruv, my wounds will heal if you stay happy, talk to Milky. She asks him to remember he is married to Milky now. Dhruv says I can’t do this. He runs upstairs. Shashi asks Dheeraj and Bablu to come with him. Sheetal asks Ankita to take Milky upstairs. Sneha says Dhruv didn’t accept Milky. Nutan says now Milky is your Bhabhi, you also accept this relation. They go. Sheetal asks why did you ignite fire, if anything went wrong…

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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Thursday 3rd March 2022: Nutan says I knew Dhruv will sacrifice his mum but can’t see me burning, your plan was till marriage, if I didn’t burn myself, then Dhruv would have not left Sonam, now everything got pure here, I m hurt but I m so happy. Milky says its a happy day for me, I will go to Mumbai with Dhruv, I will wear the hot pants and show Sonam that I m no less. She smiles.

Shashi says we always treated guests well, Dhruv did wrong to throw out Sonam’s family, I didn’t imagine this. Dheeraj says Dhruv wasn’t listening to anyone. Shashi says we all are responsible for this, we will not let them roam here and there during lockdown, go and make arrangements for their stay. Sonam and her family walk on the road. Pratap asks Amber to check for bus stop. Police sees them and stops the car. Inspector says you said its your marriage today. Subhadra says she is my daughter. Inspector says its night curfew, go back home. Sonam says we have no home, our home shattered, the one who could support us made us leave. She cries.

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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Thursday 3rd March 2022: Dhruv also cries. Inspector asks them to file complaint. Subhadra says no, we are fine, you go. Inspector says we will help you. Amber says we spoke to our relatives, we will go there. Milky comes to Dhruv and apologizes. He smokes. He asks her to go home. Sheetal smiles seeing them. Dhruv says just go from here, what will your mum say, she will scold you. Milky says its my responsibility to fix this. He says I have no hope from you, I had hope from Sonam, you both ruined my life. She says I will stay here and fix everything. He says I m fine. She asks where will I do now. He says go anywhere, I don’t care, my house is big, go to any corner. She asks what about this sindoor.

Sheetal says maybe puja items have come. Sonam comes wearing a PPE kit to deliver the items.


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