Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Saturday 5th March 2022 update

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Saturday 5th March 2022 : The Episode starts with everyone seeing Sonam and getting shocked. Some time before, Pratap asks Sonam to come. Subhadra says I have just said what I felt, you have to decide, if you could clear your name, you will get peace, else this regret will follow you always. Dhruv comes home. Shashi asks about Sonam’s family. Dhruv gets angry.

Shashi says your anger will ruin your life. Sheetal says Dhruv is angry on Sonam, it means he is trying to make her out of the house, once she leaves, then you will make a place in his heart. Its morning, Milky comes to wake up Dhruv. She gets tea. She smiles and wakes him up. He throws the tea away. He scolds her and sends her out. Nutan comes and gets angry on him. She says Milky is your wife. He says I don’t accept this marriage. She says what will happen if you don’t believe it, see what has happened, Sonam came for marriage and you married Milky, its a miracle, right thing reached the right place, wrong thing left on its own. He looks at her.

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Saturday 5th March 2022: She says don’t see me with anger, I feel like burning again, don’t blame me again. She cries. He sits in anger. She says if you had put sindoor in Sonam’s sindoor, I would have accepted her as bahu, I value customs and rituals, we can’t take the marriage as joke. He cries. Milky comes back with the tea. Nutan says look at her, have the tea. Milky goes. Nutan says fine, don’t accept her, but ask your heart, what type of wife did you want, Milky or Sonam, Milky will never find you at fault, Sonam was just concerned for her makeup and fashion, she is your childhood friend, she understands you, she is pretty, there is no reason to not accept her, have the tea. He signs no. She says I m giving it to you. She sees the cigarettes and says don’t know how did you get these bad qualities. She goes.

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Milky says Dhruv will never forgive me, he won’t accept me as wife. Sheetal says I can understand your feelings, don’t get upset, Sonam won’t come back, Dhruv has to accept you as wife. Milky asks if he doesn’t do. Sheetal says you don’t doubt me, when he accepts you as wife, what will you give me. Milky says ten tola necklace. Sheetal laughs. Nutan calls Milky. She says I will make prayers then you will be wearing all these clothes. She asks Sheetal to come with her. She says we three have made this possible. They smile.

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Saturday 5th March 2022: Dheeraj says I think Sonam’s family didn’t find any place to stay, their phones are not reachable. Nutan says we are going to temple. Dheeraj says temples are shut in lockdown. Shashi jokes on her. Nutan argues. Sneha says Nutan has accepted Milky, she wants to do puja and show the entire neighborhood. Dhruv gets angry. Sheetal says I think puja items have come. Sonam delivers the items. Sheetal sees her and faints. Nutan and Dhruv ask what happened. Subhadra and Pratap argue. Subhadra says Sonam knows what she is doing, she will handle herself here. Amber says she will manage, we should go Mumbai. Sheetal gets up and asks Nutan to see Sonam. Nutan removes the mask and sees Sonam. They all get shocked. Ankita smiles seeing Sonam. Sonam sees Dhruv and cries.

Milky says I will just come for the puja. Nutan asks where did she go. Milky goes to Sonam and scolds her.


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