Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Friday 4th March 2022 update

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Friday 4th March 2022: The Episode starts with Sonam coming to deliver items. Everyone gets shocked seeing her face. Some time back, Dhruv scolds Milky. He asks why didn’t you stop me when I filled sindoor in your maang, no need to think now. Sheetal signs her to cry. Milky cries. Sheetal says one day Milky will rule on Dhruv’s heart. She sees Dheeraj and starts a drama. She says don’t know what will happen with Milky, go and take care of Nutan, everything will be fine. Dhruv asks Milky to just leave. Milky says I wanted to stop this, everyone was seeing the marriage online, I didn’t say to save Sonam’s name, its not my mistake.

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Friday 4th March 2022: Shashi comes and asks Nutan why is she acting to sleep, when she isn’t wrong, then why is she not meeting his eyes. Ankita gets water. Shashi asks Nutan to have medicines. Sonam and family are on the road. Pratap says no one is helping us in getting a pass. Sonam recalls Nutan’s words. She says everyone was together in this plan, I understand it, if I convinced dad so much, would I sleep leaving my marriage there. Ankita says Sonam can’t sleep, Nutan has acted to get rid of the doubts, she knows if Sonam left or was sent away, she was so shattered, Nutan accepted Milky, Dhruv made Sonam out, can he make Sonam out of his heart.

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He hears Batasa calling him. He goes out. Batasa says don’t know where did Bau ji go. Sheetal says maybe he went to find Subhadra. Dheeraj calls Shashi. Dhruv says I know where did dad go. Dhruv comes to the junk shop and sees Shashi. He asks why are you here. Shashi says this shop reminds me the respect earned by hard work, you ruined the respect today, its really wrong Dhruv, you made Sonam leave that way, I can never forget this insult. He cries.

Dhruv says you are right, I did a mistake, I will find them and arrange their accommodation. Shashi says no need, I will do the arrangements, just find them. Dhruv goes and calls someone. Amber says maps show this route. Pratap sees a man and says we will ask him. The man says we are coming by walk from Mumbai, since 18 days, we are poor people, how will we pay the rent there without work, so we all came by walk.

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Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Friday 4th March 2022: Pratap says how can anyone walk for many days. Sonam recalls Dhruv. She says we are ousted from the house, we can also walk to Mumbai, come. Pratap says I m not so helpless. Sonam sees a boy hurt. She asks him to sit over the trolley bag. She pulls the bag to take him. Dhruv comes there to look for Sonam and her family. Sonam turns to see. She doesn’t see him. Sonam thinks Dhruv didn’t give me a chance to clarify, bye Dhruv…. Tanu says I got too tired, Sonam did you just get Dhruv, we had to come here and face this trouble. A bus comes. Pratap goes to ask the driver. Subhadra asks Sonam to think once. Sonam asks what’s left now. Subhadra says Dhruv thinks you are irresponsible, if you ignore this, then this will be your truth for them, think again.

Sonam delivers the items. She asks them to check it. Nutan asks her to remove the mask. Nutan sees Sonam.



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