Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Wednesday 2nd March 2022 Update

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Wednesday 2nd March 2022: The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Nutan if she knew that Milky is the bride, answer him. Nutan asks what’s the use to talk, you want to trust Sonam, forget your mum. She goes away. Sonam and Dhruv cry. Nutan gets kerosene and pours on herself. She gets a fire torch from havan. She warns everyone to not come close. Shashi asks did you go mad, don’t do a new drama, stop it, did we make this house for this day. Nutan says I m a liar, I m illiterate, bad, I don’t want to live, just Sonam and Dhruv are right. Dhruv says I fold hands, don’t do this. Nutan says no need, I agreed for Sonam and your marriage, I got insulted, your marriage with Milky is true, you listen to Sonam. Dhruv says I always heard you, listen to me. She asks why do you want to save me, you mean I m a liar, let me die. He lights fire to her saree end and shouts.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Wednesday 2nd March 2022: Everyone panics. They try to save Nutan. Dhruv and others rush to save her. They blow off the fire. Nutan cries and asks why did you save me. Dhruv shouts call for a doctor. She cries in pain. Shashi calls a doctor. Dhruv asks Ankita to get first aid box. Sonam tries to do the aid. Nutan asks her to just leave. Sonam says you got hurt, you can scold me, get the ointment first. Dhruv angrily holds Sonam. He scolds her.

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He asks her to get out. Pratap asks Subhadra how much insult will she bear, is there anything left now. Dhruv says get out, come on, leave. Sonam says listen to me, you have heard just one side truth, is this any solution. Dhruv gets angry. He drags Sonam and pushes her out of the house. Sonam falls down. Everyone gets shocked. Milky’s mum blesses her to be happy. They smile. Dhruv and Sonam cry. Paas aaye….plays…. She recalls their moments.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Wednesday 2nd March 2022: Sonam and her family get sad. Sonam says respect my family, what will they think, they regard you son-in-law. Dhruv shouts they won’t regard it now, you ruined my family. Shashi says its wrong Dhruv. Dhruv says don’t get in between. He cries and says our relation is over now. He shuts the door on Sonam’s face. Pratap says we got much respect here, right. Dhruv ruins the mandap and cries. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays… Sonam recalls their moments and cries. They leave. Sonam takes Dhruv weds Sonam banner. She breaks down. Subhadra cries for her.

Dhruv asks Milky to go to her house. Milky’s mum says I can’t take her with me. Milky says I will go to Mumbai with Dhruv. Sonam says I have no house here. She cries.


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