Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 8th March 2022

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 8th March 2022: The Episode begins with Inspector saying Sonam is Corona positive, we concluded she will remain here. Dhruv says she won’t come here. Sonam says I have come. Some time back, Milky is doing a passionate show. Dhruv asks what do you mean. She says in the event that Sonam has arrived, you need to acknowledge me as my better half, I can’t be unreliable. He says fine, I acknowledge. He requests that Shashi go along, they will proceed to disclose Sonam to leave. Shashi says take Nutan and Sheetal for this work, they can do it effectively. Dhruv says I failed to remember all of you made groups, I will deal with it alone. He indignantly goes. Hulchul gets Sonam to his home. He says you are protected here until I take off from you at Dhruv’s home, come. He presents his mum. The woman favors Sonam.

She says I know it all, great didn’t occur without you, welcome in our home. Hulchul gets Dhruv’s call. Dhruv requests that he meet him at junction. He sees Agarwal. Hulchul says I will meet Dhruv and come. Hulchul and Bablu come to Dhruv. They see Agarwal and sign him to stay silent. Bablu inquires as to for what reason did you call him here. Dhruv says I motivated him to get some information about Sonam. Bablu asks where is she.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 8th March 2022:  Agarwal says I saw her, she was feeling unwell, she said she has a difficulty in breathing, I requested that she get test and not return with crown. Dhruv says in the event that she fell debilitated, you made her leave. He chides Agarwal. He calls him self centered. Agarwal says she would have conveyed Corona with things on the off chance that I didn’t fire her. Hulchul says thanks to him. Dhruv says we will go to emergency clinic. Bablu says no, nobody can meet Corona patient, we are not her loved ones. Dhruv requests that they express out loud whatever to do. Hulchul says we will discover.

Dhruv says we will go, simply sit. He takes Hulchul with him. The woman says once Dhruv’s indignation quiets down, all will be great. Dhruv stops Hulchul home. Hulchul signs Sonam. She sees Dhruv coming. Dhruv says I ought to have kicked the bucket today, and still, at the end of the day I m alive, what will I say, you realize what occurred with me, that young lady played a game, I cherished her a ton, I battled with my folks for her, she didn’t time from doing cosmetics, I made her out of the house. Sonam looks on. He says she didn’t leave the city, don’t have the foggiest idea why, I will track down her and make her out of the city.

The woman says you cherished Sonam a ton, she committed an error, everybody commits errors. He says my affection was not phony, truth is she never cherished me, you tell me, does anybody leave marriage and make another person sit, just to get cosmetics, my mum was passing on, she simply adores herself, she doesn’t consider anything more, I don’t need excellence, I m finding her to disclose her to disappear, there’s nothing more to it. Hulchul inquires as to whether she doesn’t go then, at that point. Dhruv says you guide me, I can’t bear her presence.

Sonam cries. Hulchul sees Sonam and says we will get her killed, this matter will end for eternity. Dhruv checks him out. He asks would you be able. Sonam gets stunned. Hulchul says I did a ton for you, simply tell me, I will make it happen. Dhruv grins and says I would have broken your face on the off chance that you were not my companion, I cherished her, she didn’t comprehend my affection, how could you figure I can get her killed. Sonam cries. Dhruv says on the off chance that you say such off-base thing once more, I will beat you before your mum. Hulchul says you were so stressed. Dhruv says OK, simply track down Sonam and clarify her, undermine her, request that she leave the city, request that she fail to remember me, assuming she remains here, my family will be in a difficult situation, what’s left here, she can remain content with her family and focus on her life, she can turn into a style originator, everybody is ridiculing my marriage. Sonam cries.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 8th March 2022: Nutan and Sheetal attempt to clarify Milky. Nutan says couldn’t say whether Dhruv will return home around evening time. Smooth says I will hang tight for him throughout the evening. Sheetal says let her stand by, Dhruv will analyze Milky and Sonam’s adoration, he will understand her affection is valid. She asks Milky not to rest. Dhruv lies on the couch. Hulchul sees Sonam. He asks Dhruv won’t he return home. Dhruv reviews Milky’s words. He says I told you, I will rest here, is there an issue. The woman says no. Dhruv requests that Hulchul proceed to rest. Hulchul signs Sonam and goes. Dhruv dozes. Sonam covers Dhruv with a cover.

Assessor comes and says Sonam is Corona positive, we concluded she will remain here. Dhruv says she won’t come here. Sonam says I have come.


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