Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Sunday 6th March 2022 update

Lockdown Love Story On Starlife Tuesday 1st March 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Sunday 6th March 2022: The Episode begins with Sonam halting Nutan. She says I simply need the cash for my things. The man comes and stops Nutan. He asks what occurred, for what reason are you slapping her. Nutan chastens him. The man says fail to remember the distinction among folks and young ladies nowadays, Lord has sent her to me in lockdown, she gave me thought of business, she said she will convey things at home, I have given her an asylum, she has no disgrace in running the slow down, however she is taught, I considered Shashi and requested that she start work from this house.

He asks Nutan does she know Sonam. Sonam wears back the pack. Shashi requests that she take care of her responsibilities and flourish. He says I m blissful seeing your boldness and battle. Nutan pays the cash for things. Sonam leaves. Dhruv becomes irate. He calls Batasa and says Sonam had come to convey great from Agarwal, for what reason does she need to aggravate me, she has come to check whether I kicked the bucket without her.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Sunday 6th March 2022 : He says proceed to tell her, I couldn’t care less, ask Agarwal for what valid reason did he employ her. Nutan says Sonam got after us as an apparition, she interfered with when I was taking Milky for puja, its a terrible sign. Shashi insults her. Smooth says no awful sign will occur. She furiously leaves. Shashi says she is of your temperament. Sonam sells things. She broadcasts Agarwal store.

Smooth comes there and asks what is it that you need to demonstrate. Sonam says that you are a cheat, discusses pride doesn’t exactly measure up for you. Smooth says OK, I swindled you, Dhruv has tossed you out, and still, at the end of the day you have returned. Sonam says Dhruv doesn’t know whole truth, I will come clean with him, he should know your actual face. Smooth furiously ruins your slow down. Sonam requests that she stop it. She slaps Milky. She says you cheat, you like to contact different things, I will break your hand, move away from my slow down.

Smooth pushes her down and beats her. She says you won’t consider getting back to Mumbai, I will give you a major discipline. She darkens Sonam’s face. She says this is only a trailer, fail to remember Dhruv now, he is only my significant other. She reproves Sonam. Sonam says I will remain here and sit on your head, you tested me, I will apply dark tone all over. Smooth says I won’t pass on you to dream. Sonam says quit grabbing others’ spouses. She yells. Smooth leaves. Certain individuals look on. Sonam ties her hair and returns to work. Police comes. Constable asks who did this. Sonam doesn’t say anything, I will oversee all alone.

Sonam cleans up. Constable aides her in holding things back on the slow down. Sonam leaves. Shashi says Sonam will remain some place, assuming that you made her out. Dhruv yells on Milky. Everybody comes to see.

Nutan asks where did you go. Smooth says I had gone to see Sonam, he felt awful, he made Sonam out. Dhruv says shut down this, I m telling you, don’t get into our private matter. Nutan inquires as to why, Milky is your significant other. Batasa calls Dhruv and says you were correct, Sonam has arrived, somebody invited her well, I m sending the pic, see it. Dhruv gets stunned seeing Sonam’s darkened face. He asks Milky did you do this. Everybody gets stunned seeing the pic.

Smooth says OK, I have done this. Sheetal asks what occurred, did Sonam say something. Smooth says OK, you figure I will apply dark tone to anybody, I went to ask Sonam for what valid reason did he come, she said she will destroy your regard, she said she will apply dark tone to everybody in this family, I became irate and did this. Shashi says you got us regard by doing this, right. He reproves Sheetal.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Sunday 6th March 2022 : Sheetal says Sonam has awful aims, so she has come, Milky did new cosmetics to her. Nutan says we will go to sanctuary now. Dhruv goes. Nutan, Sheetal, Milky and Ankita are coming. Investigator stops them. Nutan says we are taking new lady to the sanctuary. Investigator says lady of the hour got changed, don’t know husband to be and lady will acknowledge one another or not. Nutan asks him not to remark. She asks Milky to simply do the puja from that point itself. Sonam passes by to sell the things.

Controller comes to Dhruv’s home. He says Sonam is Corona positive, she will remain here. Dhruv says she won’t come here. Sonam comes to remain. She says I have come.


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