Kurt en Shura Teasers – March 2022

Kurt en Shura Teasers - March 2022
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Coming up on Kurt en Shura this March 2022:

Tuesday 1 March 2022
Episode 13

Seyit tells his family that he’s leaving. Yasef is shot dead. After some thought, Guzide agrees to marry Binnaz’s brother.

Wednesday 2 March 2022
Episode 14

Seyit arrives back home but with the rebels descending on his family, is his arrival too late?

Thursday 3 March 2022
Episode 15

Petro and Celil make their way to Istanbul. Shura and Seyit are in Istanbul looking for Shura’s family at the embassy, but they come across a name they do not expect.

Friday 4 March 2022
Episode 16

A soldier is killed at Yahya’s hotel and he is arrested for the murder. Shura begins to feel suspicious of Ayse and her relationship with Seyit. Petro and Celil arrive at the home of the Baroness.

Monday 7 March 2022
Episode 17

Now that Officer Billy has set his eyes on the hotel, Seyit and the others need to come up with a plan to transport the guns in plain sight.

Tuesday 8 March 2022
Episode 18

Celil’s presence causes some tension, the guns finally leave the hotel, and Istanbul has more familiar faces than expected.

Wednesday 9 March 2022
Episode 19

Shura and Seyit’s relationship is put to the test again, as plans are made to infiltrate the English base. Will Seyit be able to hide the truth from Shura without hurting her?

Thursday 10 March 2022
Episode 20

Tension rises between Petro, Shura, Seyit and Baroness. Alya acts as an informant. Shura helps out in the kitchen and to everybody’s amusement, they discover she’s never set foot in a kitchen before.

Friday 11 March 2022
Episode 21

Seyit proposes to Shura. Shura is still looking for Tina, who is running around with Yusuf. Celil gets arrested by Billy and his goons.

Monday 14 March 2022
Episode 22

Petro teaming up with Captain Billy brings turmoil to Shura and Seyit. Will their lover overcome all?

Tuesday 15 March 2022
Episode 23

Seyit has left without telling Shura. She is heartbroken and decides to leave with her Aunt. Meanwhile, Seyit is figuring out how to break free and come back home to her.

Wednesday 16 March 2022
Episode 24

Seyit finally makes it back home, but is he too late? Just how far is Petro willing to go to keep the lovers apart?

Thursday 17 March 2022
Episode 25

Petro continues to stir the waters and tells Shura of Seyit’s return. Ayse and Lola throw a wrench in his plans, but this new twist may still work in his favour.

Friday 18 March 2022
Episode 26

As Shura and Seyit deal with betrayals, both real and imagined, Alya puts her plan for vengeance in motion. Meanwhile the Baroness starts taking back control of her life.

Monday 21 March 2022
Episode 27

With Alya’s life in danger and Seyit and Shura still at odds, will things end well for those involved?

Tuesday 22 March 2022
Episode 28

Valentina is all set to reunite with her family abroad, but can she convince Shura to leave her dreams of Seyit behind? What lengths will Celil go to to keep Alya safe?

Wednesday 23 March 2022
Episode 29

Are Shura and Seyit destined for one another or will Seyit’s betrayal tear them apart? Celil’s plan to protect Alya are set in motion. Meanwhile, Captain Billy is unable to get rid of Seyit.

Thursday 24 March 2022
Episode 30

As Shura and Seyit grapple with the thought that they shouldn’t be together, Billy puts his plan for Seyit’s demise into motion.

Friday 25 March 2022
Episode 31

Seyit returns from an eight month stay in prison. How will life change for Seyit and everybody else once Seyit meets his cellmate’s family?

Monday 28 March 2022
Episode 32

A devastating fire brings Murvet and her family to Pera. Shura’s heart is conflicted at Seyit’s admission of infidelity.

Tuesday 29 March 2022
Episode 33

Everyone’s preparing for the big party. Billy changes the terms of their arrangement and Petro is forced to reconsider his plans.

Wednesday 30 March 2022
Episode 34

Could the execution of a soldier be the death for Seyit and Shura? Guzide carries the weight of asking Yayha for a divorce as well as something else.

Thursday 31 March 2022
Episode 35

While Seyit leaves to help the Turkish Revolutionaries, Shura makes a life-changing decision about them. Guzide is more unhappy then ever and receives heart-breaking news.

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